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Windows 10 Will Launch on Xbox One Sometime After Summer

New Xbox Experience.

MotoGP 15 to Use Extra CPU Core on Xbox One, Results in Big Performance Improvements

Milestone's Andrea Basilio says "users will benefit" from these improvements.

Magicka 2 Dev: DX12 is a big improvement over DX11, But Vulkan May Be Even Better

While DX12 is an improvement on DX11, it appears Vulcan might beat them both easily.

Phil Spencer Admits Kinect Isn’t Useful Any More In Case of Games Like Call of Duty

“If you’re playing Halo or Call Of Duty, there’s not really a scenario that says, ‘Hey, I need a Kinec...

Capcom Will Prioritize HD Remasters Going Forward

Because as we all know, Capcom has never been one to re-release games in the past.

Mass Effect 3 Director Casey Hudson Joins Microsoft

The next Xbox will be available in three colors- red, blue, and green.

PS4 And Xbox One are Beasts of Machines, Battle Will Be Won Through Content, Not Graphics

FuturLab's technical director gives his take on the differences between PS4 and Xbox One.

How Microsoft Can Bring Momentum Back to Xbox One at E3

Can Microsoft catch up to Sony's PS4 sales with a stellar E3 presentation?

Ex-Naughty Dog Dev Explains Why PS4/XB1 Will Never Achieve CGI Visuals, 4K Will Take Two Generations

"Trailers and feature-length movies simply have a much higher budget per second than what the full game can af...

Halo 5 Guardians: Still A Long Way To Go Before Completion, Will Feature Collectibles

A few updates on the upcoming first person shooter.

Microsoft Looking To Improve Xbox One’s Graphics Performance, Working On GPU Optimization

Microsoft are also looking for UX designer that will develop frameworks for episodic storytelling.

Microsoft Comfortable With Xbox One Being First Platform Briefing, Info On Games Performance & UI

Studio manager Mike Ybarra also chimes in regarding potential UI changes.

Microsoft E3 Conference Finalized for 9.30 AM PT, June 15th

Microsoft prepares for battle at E3 2015.

Halo MCC Matchmaking Update: SWAT, Team Objective Playlist Added

Ranked playlists for May update revealed.

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