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DX12 “Will Be Good But Doubt It Will Make Massive Change”- Caffeine Dev

Incandescent Imaging's Dylan Browne also shares his thoughts on AMD Mantle.

Xbox One Launches in Japan on September 4th, Launch Line-up and Dev Support Revealed

More than 40 devs pledge their support for the console in Japan.

Halo 5 Plot Teased Again In Latest Comic

Could the Didact still be in play?

Xbox One OS Architecture Explained, Is Essentially Windows 8

Runs on Windows 8... and Windows 8. Yeah.

Cloud Based Gaming Is Certainly The Future, Almost There Technologically – Autodesk

But it will boil down to business decison according to Games Industry Marketing Specialist at Autodesk, Wesley...

“Eden Falls” Trademarked by Microsoft

An old cyberpunk RPG now bound for Xbox One?

Halo 5 To Have Exciting New Features, Cloud Features Once Again Mentioned

343 Industries is seeking a software development engineer for backend services.

DirectX 12 Will Boost Xbox One’s Possibilities, Will Prompt Sony To Boost PS4 – To Leave Dev

Producer Jorge Blacio talks about the benefits that DX12 will have for the industry as a whole.

Xbox One Next System Update Preview Coming Soon

Previous participants will be able to preview the May update very soon.

GAME’s Xbox Store In London Is About To Close

This month itself.

Halo Composer Leaves Bungie, “Terminated Without Cause”

Martin O'Donnell has been released from the studio after +14 years of service.

Stardock Founder Says DirectX 12 Could Solve Xbox One Resolution Issues

"I think it'll make it easier to have games run at higher resolution."

Halo 4 Matchmaking Update Adds Ninja Assassins, Neutral Flag to Playlists

Two new community maps also added.

Xbox One April Update Available Today: Friend Notifications, Improved Kinect Functions and More

Microsoft's newest system update rolls out today. Check out what's in store.

Halo 5 On Xbox One To Have Cloud Functionality, Job Description Suggests

343 Industries and Microsoft looking to link upcoming products to the next Halo through Azure?

Microsoft Trying To Crack The VR Puzzle

They want to do it, and they want to do it right.

Project Totem Announced by Press Play for Xbox One and Xbox 360

Two totem pole pieces on the journey of their lives in Press Play's latest.

Kinect Sports Rivals Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Kinect Sports Rivals

Killer Instinct: Latest Update Is Now Out On Xbox One

Adds another new character.

New Details On Upcoming Xbox One Update: Blu Ray, Controller And More

Some nifty changes coming in.

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