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Why PS4 And Xbox One May Not Face Memory Limitation Issues In The Long Run

Gamebase engineers talk about new consoles and memory limitations.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Dev Team Focused on Xbox One Release

Executive producer Dan Ayoub talks about the similarities between PC and Xbox One architecture.

Crytek Explains Why They Are Not Bringing Ryse Son of Rome To PS4

Senior Producer at Crytek, Brian Chambers comments on the lack of PS4 version of Ryse.

Forza Horizon 2 Has No Frame Rate Drops, Runs At Rock Solid 1080p At 4x MSAA

1080p with not a single framerate drop.

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die Releasing on September 19th via Xbox Live

Deadly Premonition developer's newest project out tomorrow.

Michael Pachter: PS4 And Xbox One Will Soon Be Obsolete

And Microsoft knows it.

Rust Creator on Minecraft Acquisition: “I’d Have Done the Same Thing”

And no, Garry Newman doesn't believe Microsoft will "completely f**k up" Minecraft.

Scalebound is “Less About New Hardware, More About Making Something Totally New”

Director Hideki Kamiya talks about such a game never having been attempted by the company before.

‘As Long As The Game Is Good, I Won’t Care About Subtle Variations In Resolution or Frame rate': Dev

Krillbrite Studios’ Adrian Tingstad Husby believes it's the gameplay that matters.

Meet The Xbook One

It's an Xbox One laptop, and it costs $1500.

Notch Leaving Mojang After Microsoft Acquisition: “I Don’t Want to be a Symbol”

Minecraft creator Markus Persson talks about moving on to smaller projects.

Minecraft Acquisition by Microsoft Expected to be Announced Today

And allegedly, this is to help expand Microsoft's Windows Phone platform.

Geomerics Interview: Realizing The Full Potential of Enlighten Using The New Console Cycle

Chris Doran, COO of Geomerics on how they are using the untapped potential of the new consoles to take their l...

15 Reasons Why Sony And Microsoft Need To Launch PS4 And Xbox One Slim

Technological rivalry galore!

Halo 5 Guardians To Receive Chinese Localization

Breaking down them borders!

DirectX 12 Will Result Into Free Performance Gains, Microsoft Taking A Unifying Step With The API

Charles Cox, the founder of 4gency gives his opinion on Microsoft's upcoming API.

Microsoft Pledges To Replace Xbox One Consoles That Are Too Noisy

No, this isn't even close to being an RROD 2.0. Shut up.

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