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Xbox One Designer on Console Size, Design and Creating a “Seamless Experience That is Reliable”

Carl Ledbetter says that thinner may be nicer but there are many other issues to keep in mind.

Phil Spencer Promises Fans Will See JRPGs on Xbox One

'You will see JRPGs on Xbox One.'

Xbox One On Fire In China For Alleged False Advertising

Microsoft, stop messing things up.

Xbox Live Offering Some Great Deals for Black Friday

Including Forza 5, EA Sports UFC, and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

Sunset Overdrive Weapons Pack and Official Soundtrack Now Available

Rain death and destruction on your enemies in-game; listen to hot tunes outside of it.

PS4 JRPG Not Related to PS Experience, Microsoft Exec Addresses Claims of PS4 Bias at Game Awards

A couple of updates for the upcoming The Game Awards And PlayStation Experience.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Dev “Working Round the Clock” to Fix Issues

343 Industries GM Bonnie Ross promised to "make this right".

Phil Spencer Comments on Positive Statements Regarding Sony, DX12, Xbox One Games & Updates

Xbox boss talks about various things including the stability of Windows 10 and upcoming update features.

If You Didn’t Get Your Xbox One First Year Anniversary Gift, This Would Be Why

'You need to opt in to marketing emails.'

Phil Spencer: PS4 Had A Great First Year

Nice to see some sportsmanship.

Microsoft Delays Ori and the Blind Forest

Xbox 360 version delayed even further.

PS4 Will Be Launched And Sold By Same Company in China as Xbox One

The console war turns into console fraternity.

Xbox Team: We Were Not Hacked

'No Microsoft site or service was compromised.'

Halo: Master Chief Collection Issues Continue Affecting “Far Too Many” Players

Even after a recent update, the multiplayer aspect continues to suffer.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Reintroducing Rumble Playlist for Halo 2 Fans

Previously removed to help matchmaking issues, 343 Industries has added Rumble back in.

Halo 5 Guardian: Art Director’s Artwork Shows Beautiful Vision of Sci-Fi Action

A talented artist with a stylish take on the future.

Microsoft Possibly Working On Data Driven Tech For Xbox One, ‘Critical’ To Win In Entertainment Space

Seeking a senior software engineer to design and verify systems for moving high moments of data.

Sunset Overdrive Is Free For Xbox Live Gold Users This Saturday

Well it's not quite as good a deal as I would have hoped for.

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