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Black Desert Interview: Gameplay Mechanics, Possible PS4/Xbox One Versions, DX12 And More

Do-Sung Go, the project manager of Black Desert on why it could be a game changer.

Xbox Shipped 6.6 Million Units Last Quarter, Revenues Down 20%

Microsoft's latest numbers are a bit of good and bad news, both.

Stardock CEO Praises DirectX 12 & Mantle, PS4 Fans Will Have Something Exciting To Rejoice About Soon

Brad Wardell on the upcoming API, PS4 and Xbox One capabilities and more.

Halo 5: Customization Info To Be Shared Closer To Launch, Final Game To Have Lots of Content

A huge amount of feedback was received and is being taken to heart.

Spencer On Xbox One’s Backward Compatibility, GFWL And More

'We have to do better than we did with GFWL.'

DirectX 12 Won’t Require New Graphics Card

Specific features might, but your current card should be compatible with it just fine.

Aaron Greenberg: DX12 Will Affect Xbox One Provided Devs Use It, Shares Updates On Fable Legends

Aaron Greenberg on the upcoming API, Fable Legends and Xbox One screenshots feature.

Microsoft Looking At PC to Xbox One Streaming

If a=b, then b=a.

Microsoft Promises More Games Will Be Coming to PC

Fable Legends is just the start of it.

DirectX 12 Confirmed As A Windows 10 Exclusive, Gamers May Require New GPU

Prepare your wallets, new hardware may be required.

Fable Legends “Just the First of Major Microsoft Franchises” for Windows 10

Microsoft promises to share more in the coming months.

Microsoft Is Bringing Xbox One Streaming to Windows 10

Microsoft's answer to Remote Play announced.

Fable Legends Coming to PC, Will Support DirectX 12

Will support cross platform play with the Xbox One version.

Xbox One App Announced for Windows 10

Get a SmartGlass-like interface on your PC, complete with game recording functions.

Universal Windows Apps Coming to Xbox One

The recently announced apps will run on PC, smartphones and Xbox One.

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