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Media Create Sales: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Debuts at Number 1

Beats out Square Enix's second coming of Final Fantasy XIV.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Review

A snazzy pirate-themed Dynasty Warriors clone, One Piece: Pirate Warriors represents the anime in style, but i...

New Ace Combat Infinity Teaser Shows Game In Action

New F2P title looks ace.

Tales of Link Teaser Site Opens, Coming to iOS and Android in Japan

The next wave of Tales adventures starts here.

Dark Souls II — Extended Forging A Hero Trailer

A real look inside the blacksmith's forge

The First Look At Dark Souls 2 PVP

The first quick look at the Dark Souls 2 PVP

F1 2013: “This is Formula One” Trailer, New F1 Classics Mode Details Revealed

New details on F1 Classics Mode also revealed.

Tales Series Gets Three More Trademarks

Get ready for Tales of Link/Jin/Ansis.

UK Game Charts: Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition at Number 1 for Third Week

Tales of Xillia meanwhile debuts at number 4.

Namco Has No New Plans to Bring Tales Vita Games to West

Tales of Hearts and Tales of Innocence R continue to remain Japan-only games.

Japan Software Sales: Disney Magic Castle Premieres at Number 1

Killer is Dead, meanwhile, debuts at fifth place.

Could Fan Favorite Series Dark Souls Make It As An Isometric 2D Game?

Kotaku Dayshot sparks passionate fans response

Tales Of Xillia Now In North American Stores

The long awaited North American release is finally here

Tales of Xillia Review

Tales of Xillia finally launches outside of Japan, and it's everything you were hoping for.

Tekken Producer Designed Revolution to be “Kind of Like an RPG”

Meant to appeal to those who have never tried Tekken or are returning after a long time.

Tekken X Street Fighter Still in Development at Namco Bandai

But gameplay details remain a secret.

Ace Combat Infinity Flies High With Second Teaser Trailer

Complete freedom to fly and a new story campaign accompany the free to play PS3 exclusive.

Tales of Xillia: 14 New Screenshots Released

Revisit the hit PS3 game, arriving next week in the West.

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