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Bladestorm: Nightmare Hands-On Impressions

Real time tactical combat goes next-gen with nightmares.

First Ever Trailer for NBA 2K14 on PS4/Xbox One Looks Stunning

You can see the veins on the players' arms.

Xbox One Family Sharing Will Most Likely Return

It's not over yet!

PlayStation 4 Release Date Possibly Leaked

A rumor for now.

Earthworm Jim 4 Teased

Is a new Earthworm Jim incoming?

Infinity Ward Developing Both, Current and Next Gen Versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts

Infinity Ward aiming for parity across versions.

Lords of the Fallen Main Character Harkyn Revealed

New info regarding main character

Tiny Brains Confirmed for Next-Gen Platforms this Fall

Four tiny animals must work together

Mirrors Edge 2 Appears again on Italian Amazon

More leaks of Mirror's Edge 2 existence

Larry Hryb Answers Different Topics Regarding Xbox One with Yahoo

Major Nelson talks to Yahoo regarding Xbox One topics

Microsoft Confirms 3D and 4K Resolutions for Xbox One

Xbox One supports 3D and 4K Video Content

Don Mattrick doesn’t really care about Backwards Compatibility for Xbox One

Don Mattrick isn't really concerned with backward compatibility

‘Historic IP” From Rare May Appear at E3 Microsoft Press Conference

Rare's "Historic IP" to appear at E3

Crackdown 3 Accidently Revealed for Xbox One?

New Crackdown in the works?

Battlefield 4: China Rising Expansion Announced via Pre-Order

China Rising Expansion available for those who pre-order.

Xbox One is Not Backwards Compatible

Won't be supporting Xbox 360 games

Ubisoft Confirms at least 6 Next-Gen Titles for Xbox One During the First 12 Months

Ubisoft to release 6 next-gen titles in the first year of Xbox One

Greenberg Teases E3 2013 and May 21st Event

"E3 is all about the games" says Greenberg

Lords of The Fallen – Next-Gen RPG Announced

Next-Gen RPG is on it's way.

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