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Will Fallout 4 Feature Improvements For Armour Customization?

How can Fallout 4 improve on the previous game's armour rules?

Thralled Dev: “Next Gen Consoles Too Expensive for Some People”, Ouya Delivers Human Experiences

Miguel Oliveira also believes the console encourages "multiplayer couch gaming" experiences.

EA E3 2014 Conference Date and Time Confirmed

EA will return to the big stage on June 9th for its press conference.

Housemarque’s New Project “So Much Better” Than RESOGUN, Isn’t RESOGUN 2

The developer's new project will apparently make you forget how good RESOGUN was.

Will Fallout 4 Allow The Ability to Choose Your Own Starting Races?

This week we discuss the ability to chose your own race.

Half Life 2 Re-created In Unreal Engine 4 Gives Hope for Half Life 3

Amazing screenshots emerge of City 17 in UE4 - could Half Life 3 look this good?

Do PS4/Xbox One GPUs Feature Enough Compute Units to Utilize Full Potential of Tiled Streaming?

GamingBolt speaks to Granite SDK creator Aljosha Demeulemeester to find out.

Max Payne 4: The Genesis of the Tragic Hero and “Happily Ever After”

Max Payne will have to be a comparatively different sort of killer on his next massacre.

Xbox Co-Founder: Xbox One Needs Better Exclusives Than PS4, Selling off Xbox Brand “Foolish”

Ed Fries talks about the current console war and how the Xbox One can one-up the PS4.

Naughty Dog’s Amy Hennig Joins Visceral Games

The Uncharted creator is now working on an upcoming Star Wars title for next gen.

Borderlands Dev Working on “Next Gen”, Announcement Later This Year

"Platforms TBD" according to Gearbox Software CEO.

Metro Redux is Real, E3 Announcement Planned for Next Gen Release – Deep Silver

Leaked images part of "old, internal planning presentation".

Fallout 4: Inventing New Perks for the New World

What kind of Perks should be added to the next Fallout?

Rainbow Six Patriots Redesigned Three Times From Ground Up – Report

Rumours indicate that Ubisoft's tactical shooter is far from finished.

PS4/Xbox One Frame Rate “More Important Than Pixel Count”, Economics Worsen With Better Fidelity

Industry veteran Jordan Weisman discusses current generation development with GamingBolt.

Sundog Software Interview: Unlocking the Sky (and Ocean) With SilverLining and Triton

Founder Frank Kane talks sky and cloud simulation, environmental effects and much more.

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey – The Returned, The Dreamers and Next Gen Consoles

Creator and director Ragnar Tørnquist details the next iteration of The Longest Journey

PS4 / Xbox One War ‘Far From Over’, Microsoft Has Aces Up Their Sleeves – Adrian Chmielarz

Adrian Chmielarz says the next year is going to be very, very interesting.

Fallout 4: The Survivor 2299 Is Back But Not Related to the Game

Rather, a new mod has emerged for New Vegas.

PS4 CPU Won’t Become Obsolete Soon, The Console With The Best Games Will Last The Distance: Dev

Grande Games' André Noller believes its software that sells hardware.

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