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If You Own Super Smash Bros on Both 3DS and Wii U, You Should Be Able To Download MewTwo Soon

Codes for first DLC fighter for newest Smash game are being sent out now.

Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Stories for Nintendo 3DS

It's a brand new open world RPG set in the world of Monster Hunter.

Level-5 announces The Snack World For Nintendo 3DS

New cross media property to follow up on the success of Yokai Watch.

Final Club Nintendo Gold and Platinum Rewards Are Now Available

Club Nintendo rides off into the sunset with a damn good haul.

Check Out The Opening Movie For Bravely Second

Things escalating.

Mewtwo And Lucas Will Both be Coming To Super Smash Bros as DLC

Fan favorite characters returning to Nintendo's beloved fighting game series.

Fire Emblem: If Will Actually Be Two Games

Nintendo will be following the Zelda: Oracle release schedule for the newest installment in the series.

New Updates Now Available For Pokemon X/Y and OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire

Mandatory update that seemingly does nothing.

This Is Not A Joke: Nintendo Announces New Nintendo Direct Webcast On April 1st

Of all the days they could have chosen...

Yo-Kai Watch Series Sells Over 7 Million Copies

Level-5's 3DS RPG is less than two years old but already a smash success.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Launch Trailer Brings Shulk Time To Your 3DS

Shulk time, now always in your pocket.

Nintendo 3DS New Firmware Update Adds The Ability To Save Home Screen Layouts, Amiibo Compatibility To Older Models

I wanted to say 'New Nintendo 3DS firmware update,' but that would have been confusing.

Lego Marvel’s Avengers Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Lego Marvel's Avengers

Nintendo 3DS Takes The Crown In The US In February NPD Sales

Nintendo finally takes the throne.

Nintendo Admits That Limited Stock Was The Reason For New 3DS’s Delayed Western Launch

'We should have done things differently.'

Nintendo Explains Why Smaller New 3DS Is Not Coming to North America

It's to avoid... brand confusion?

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