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Toru Haga – Developer of Pandora’s Tower Talks About Some Wii U Ideas

Future Wii U title is now obviously a reality

Pandora’s Tower confirmed for US release


Pandora’s Tower Review

By Cameron Foster Set in the continent of Imperia, divided into 9 kingdoms, in the wastelands of Akanos. A ta... Read More

Pandora’s Tower HD Video Walkthrough | Game Guide

Complete Pandora's Tower's single player campaign with the help of this video guide. ***Please note this wa... Read More

Pandora’s Tower Launch Trailer Is Here

We have the launch trailer for Pandora's Tower. In Pandora’s Tower you take on the role of Aeron, a soldi... Read More

Pandora’s Tower Wallpapers in HD

Check out these Pandora's Tower wallpapers in HD. You can use these wallpapers for your PlayStation 3, iPad, ... Read More

Pandora’s Tower releasing in Europe in April

Pandora's Tower, the third of the holy trinity of the Japanese RPGs whose releases everyone's been clamourin... Read More

Promote Xenoblade Chronicles And Win The Last Story And/Or Pandora’s Tower

Do you love Xenoblade Chronicles and want to to sing it to the mountains? And would like a shot at winning t... Read More

The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower releasing in Europe next year

Nintendo has announced in their updated release schedule for this year and some for next year, that The Last... Read More

Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower will see American releases ‘if there are business opportunities’- Reggie Fils-Aime

Some time ago, Nintendo announced that they will not be releasing their three major upcoming games for the W... Read More

RUMOUR CONTROL: Nintendo Localizing Xenobloade, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower in North America

A few weeks ago, that the three new games they'd developed, Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower (w... Read More

Nintendo Unveil Action RPG ‘Pandora’s Tower’ Trailer

[HTML1] In January, Nintendo teased us with a mysterious Wii game on their official website called 'Pandora... Read More

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