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PlayStation Plus Bonus Will Offer Deals And Discounts, Exclusively in Italy

If the existing discounts weren't enough for you, here's more!

Spotify Is Now Available on PlayStation

Spotify finally makes the jump to PlayStation.

Service Status Indicator For PSN Europe Coming Soon

Now you can know if it's you, or if it's PSN.

Sony May Be Looking At Improving Voice Recognition For PS4

'PlayStation, copy Xbox.'

This Is What Cliff Bleszinski Thought Of Battlefield: Hardline After Playing The First Hour

'It's good, but I wish there was more "doing."'

PS4 and PS Vita Finally Launch in China March 20

The delay still remains unexplained.

Ubisoft Elaborates on Permanent Item Loss In The Division

You have to earn your keep.

Microsoft and Sony Get In On The Inane ‘Dress’ Meme


What is Zombie Army Trilogy? This Trailer Should Answer Your Question

Shambling to a console near you.

EA Thinks Tablets Could Be More Powerful Than Consoles By 2018

Of course, this is missing the main point entirely.

Playstation Blog Finally Receives A Japanese Version

Surprised it took them this long.

PlayStation President On PS4’s Lineup For 2015, Comments On DDOS Attacks

PS4 exclusive lineup, PlayStation services, sales, and more.

PS4 Was The Bestselling Console in Japan in 2014

But it still ended in third place overall.

Jack Tretton Discusses The PS3, PS4 Launch

'The PS4 is the culmination of many hard lessons we learned.'

Sony Trademarks Mysterious New PlayStation Logo

Is a PlayStation branded music service incoming?

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