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Sony Looking At Improving Storage Tech and Load Times on PlayStation

Now, memory cards for PS Vita will cost only $90 instead of $100!

PlayStation Is 20 Years Old

Celebrate with this video celebrating 20 years of awesomeness.

Geoff Keighley Unveils The Game Awards 2014

Will replace VGA/VGX; Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Valve all working together to produce these.

Destiny 2 Has Started Development

'Work has already begun.'

An Updated Version of GTA: San Andreas May Be Coming


PlayStation Experience Event is “Unprecedented”

New opinions on the event come to light.

Sony Details PS4 System Update 2.00

They've removed one feature from what they originally announced, but it's still a pretty substantial update.

PlayStation TV Launches in North America Today

PlayStation fans, this is a present to you.

PlayStation Experience Event Announced For December 6th-7th

Meet developers, attend panels and maybe net some sweet swag in the process.

One Analyst Thinks Sony Might Come To Completely Dominate The Console Space

What are the odds of this ever actually happening, though?

Sony’s New Idea Unit Wants To Deliver Innovation, Possibly Working On PS5

When you're down, the only way is up.

Activision Has Until 2021 To Do Something With Crash Bandicoot, Or It Loses The Trademark

Crash Bandicoot will be returning in some form or the other soon.

Bungie Acknowledges Fan Uproar Over ‘Preferential Treatment to PlayStation’

'There is a surprising amount of pushback right now.'

Phil Spencer: I’m Not Mad At Bungie

Spencer's not mad at Bungie for aligning with PlayStation for Destiny.

Nintendo Dominates Mainstream Conversation During E3 Week, Twitter Stats Show

Nintendo won E3 on multiple fronts.

Microsoft Calls Sony A Great Gaming Brand And Wishes Them A Good E3

Poor Nintendo is always left out of stuff like this.

You Can Watch Sony’s E3 Conference in Movie Theaters in the US

Why watch it on a 13 inch laptop screen when you can watch it on the silver screen?

PlayStation is Coming to China

Better late than never, Sony.

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