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Capcom Tease PS4 Gamers With A New Game

This could be a very, very good thing for PS4 gamers.

Sony Says There’s “No Evidence” That The PSN Was Hacked

There's "no evidence" of a hack, but act cautiously anyway.

Assassins Creed Unity: Third Major Patch Detailed, Won’t Fix Frame Rate Issues

Still no update on frame rate and stuttering issues.

Dragon Age Inquisition: PC vs PS4 vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison

PC comes out on top by a noticeable margin this time around.

GTA 5 On PS4/Xbox One/PC First Person Mode Car Crash And More Info Revealed

New information has been leaked.

PlanetSide 2 PS4 Beta Hitting December 2014

One month to go.

Destiny Xur: Agent of Nine Location And Items For Week 10

Some new gear to keep you ahead of everyone.

New Alien Isolation PS4 Patch Causing Issues

This patch might be the second scariest thing about the game.

Sony Is Planning To Stream Movies Through Playstation Vue

Beta invites to go out soon.

Assassins Creed Unity’s Frame Rate Issues To Be Patched

At least they are paying attention.

PlayStation Store PS4 Sale Can Save You Up To 60%

Mmmmmm cheap stuff

WWE 2K15: Creation Suite Detailed

Create your very own freaky Wrestler.

Best Buy: Black Friday Deals For PS4 And Xbox One Revealed

let the madness begin

Assassin’s Creed Unity Reportedly Suffering From Choppy Frame Rate

Early owners are reporting frame rate issues.

Dragon Age Inquisition Reviews Are Rave

Nothing but good news.

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