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PSN Members Receive 10% Store Discount This Weekend

A discount and some free stuff. Sounds good to me.

H1Z1 Hackers Will Be Cracked Down On, Update On G29 Errors And More

Smedley updates on a few issues sorrounding H1Z1.

DriveClub Director Speaks Out On Replays And Private Lobbies

Some new information comes out surrounding the racer.

Rumor – The Order: 1886 Clocks In Around 12 Hours

Shinobi602 reveals some inside information on The Order: 1886.

Broforce Interview: Developing A Badass, Action Hero Style Video Game

Programmer Richard Pieterse and Creative Director Evan Greenwood on how the Bros got your back.

Man Arrested In UK In Connection with Xbox Live and PSN DDoS Attacks

Hopefully the first of many.

New GDDR5 RAM Chips From Samsung Hint At PS4 Slim Possibility

Take this with a grain of salt.

Microsoft Should Reconsider Their Indie Policy: Broforce Not Coming To Xbox One Due To Parity Clause

"Sony reached out to us with a deal we couldn't reasonably refuse".

Uncharted 4 Graphical Details: Texture Resolution Quadrupled, Prettiest Game of Current Gen And More

New details about the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive from Naughty Dog.

PS4 Will Only Get Better With Time, Devs Will Push The Hardware To New Limits

 Alex Golebiowski of PixelNAUTS is all praise for the PS4.

Uncharted 4 Won’t Be 60fps If It Detracts From The Player’s Experience

Uncharted 4 might suffer a 30fps penalty to maintain the experience.

Developer Explains Why Early Access On PS4 And Xbox One Won’t Work

"There aren't easy ways for console users to communicate with developers."

DriveClub PS Plus Upgrade and Regular Edition Prices Slashed

Still no news on free DriveClub: PS Plus Edition.

PlayStation Now Free Trial Now Available

Lets you try the service out for free for seven days.

Troy Baker On Uncharted 4: Naughty Dog Are Trying To Go Out With A Bang, Uncharted Is So In Their DNA

"It isn't like newbies that are being dropped in to the franchise."

The Order 1886: Hidden Graphical Details That You May Not Be Aware of

A look inside the several technology variables of The Order: 1886.

PlayStation President On PS4’s Lineup For 2015, Comments On DDOS Attacks

PS4 exclusive lineup, PlayStation services, sales, and more.

Driveclub Japan DLC Teased By Evolution Studios?

I can think of worse places to race than Japan.

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