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E3 2015: List of Publishers/Devs Showing off New Games/Genre For PS4 And Xbox One Possibly Revealed

Action, adventure, free to play, role playing and more games are expected to be revealed this E3, according to...

Sony’s Scott Rhode Teases New Greenlit Games For PS4 And PS Vita

Could a new Toejam & Earl be coming sometime soon?

Sony Looking To “Aggressively Invest” In PlayStation Business

Big sales = big investments.

Sony Reports Nearly 15 Million PS4s Sold In 2014

Sony's gaming division had a very good year, even if the company as a whole struggled.

Has Sony Finally Fixed PS4’s Anisotropic Filtering Issues?

The lack of AF in certain PS4 games is disappointing but the trend seems to be ending.

PS4 2.51 Firmware Update Is Now Available

A quiet launch for the 2.51 firmware update.

PlanetSide 2 PS4 Closed Beta Hands On Impressions

GamingBolt's Oliver VanDervoort goes hands on with upcoming PS4 MMO.

Xbox One’s eSRAM Brings It Close to PS4’s GDDR5 Performance But Number of GPU Cores Still A Factor

Brad Wardell on the performance difference between the current gen consoles.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Ascendance DLC Out on April 30th for PSN/PC

New maps, a new playlist and new Exo Zombies mission on the way.

New PS Vita Firmware Update Will Unlock 30% More Memory To be Used By Games

This would be very useful if the PS Vita HAD games.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Rumored Release Date Is November

Will the popular shooter be a holiday release? Of course it will according to an industry insider.

PlayStation Plus Bonus Will Offer Deals And Discounts, Exclusively in Italy

If the existing discounts weren't enough for you, here's more!

Is This Uncharted Trilogy PS4 Listing Real?

This does't even look slightly real, though hopefully it is

PS4 Firmware Update Incoming To Fix 2.50 Issues, Sony Looking To Provide Uncompressed PS4 Screens

A few updates regarding future PS4 firmware updates.

Is Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Tied To The 101st Airborne?

The hunt for the truth continues.

Helldivers Review – Massively, Massively Multiplayer

Going in solo is like serving time in the stockade, but buddy up and hitting terra firma is a hell of a ride.

Xbox One’s Processing Power Can Be Increased Using Cloud, But Microsoft Needs To Make A Case For It

Stardock Studios' CEO Brad Wardell on how the Xbox One could potentially use the cloud.

Greg Kasavin On Microsoft’s ID@Xbox Parity Clause And FPS/Resolution Debate

"I think it's reasonable for game players to expect great things from the current generation of consoles."

PSN Is Back Up Online But PS4 Fans Are Not Reacting Well To The Outage

PS4 fans are not happy and understandably so.

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