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If You Already Own GTA 5, You Will Get All Sorts Of Cool Bonuses In The Re-Release

'Yo guys, please buy this game a second time.'

GTA: San Andreas Arrives In 720p

San Andreas Returns in 720p

Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 Has Native 1080p, 100 New Songs

Let the resolution debaters rage in vain.

GTA: San Andreas, GTA III & Vice City 40 Percent Off On Mobiles

In celebration of GTA: San Andreas on Xbox 360, all mobile GTAs have been discounted.

Grand Theft Auto 5 White and Black PS4 Bundles Confirmed for Europe

Still not confirmed for North America.

GTA Online Jedi Pilots Make The Most Of Planes

Take to the skies my Padawan and fly better than this.

Rockstar Extends GTA Online: Victory Fist Crate Drops To October 13

Plus they are now more common in online play than before.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Code Indicates More Heist Details

Rockstar continues to tease us (even unintentionally).

Grand Theft Auto 5 New DLC Could be Coming, Xbox One/PS4 Release Planned?

Thus far, there's been nothing to indicate what it really is though.

First Person Camera View Coming To GTA 5 For Xbox One & PS4

Neat, I can see how things look when I run them over now.

15 Mods We Want To See For Grand Theft Auto 5 On PC

Let the modding begin!

GTA Parent Publisher Says You Can’t Ignore New IP

'It's the kiss of death.'

Hidden Features You May Have Missed In Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4/Xbox One/PC Trailer

Updated camera angles, animations, killer whales and cats.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Release Date On PS4, Xbox One And PC This October?

No, really. An official release date, please.

GTA 5 Next Gen Version Release Date May Have Been Leaked (Again)

Just announce the date officially already.

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