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Grand Theft Auto 5 PC vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One Comparison: Foliage, Draw Distance And More

Can Los Santos look any better on PC? Yes. Yes, it can.

Grand Theft Auto 5: Modders Find Red Dead Redemption And Agent Files In The Game

It probably means nothing but you never know.

GTA 5 SweetFX Screenshots Look Amazing

Grand Theft Auto 5 with SweetFX = Win.

GTA 5 On PC Receives A New Patch, Fixes Launcher CPU Issues

Also fixes Windows User Names issue.

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Mods Update: Russian Developer Gains Access to Encrypted Files

Perhaps the game will receive extensive mod support in the future afterall.

GTA 5 PC Mod Enables Unlimited Ammo, Health And Invincibility

Who needs a tank when you've got unlimited ammo.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Will Be Getting The iCEnhancer Mod Eventually

Modder plans to update the lighting engine of the game.

Grand Theft Auto 5: ENBSeries Dev Says Modding Is Impossible In The Game

"Rockstar did everything to prevent modding of GTA5," says Boris Voronstov.

GTA 5 On PC Gets A Custom Field of View (FOV) Mod

Modding on GTA 5 PC has already begun.

Valve Offering Refunds For Anyone Hit By The GTA V Windows Account Bug

Valve allowing for refunds and returns while Rockstar works on a fix.

Grand Theft Auto V Sells 1 Million Copies on PC In First 24 Hours

46 million sold across all platforms, and counting.

Grand Theft Auto 5 In 4K Is An Eye Opener – Rockstar

4K aims to "transform" how you experience GTA V on PC.

Grand Theft Auto 5: 4K Resolution And 30/60fps PC Hardware Requirements Revealed

Do you need 4K? No. Should you want it? Definitely.

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Graphics Options And Settings Revealed

GTA 5 on PC is shaping up to be a fantastic console port.

GTA 5 Now Available to Pre-Load on Steam

It's finally happening!

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