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Grand Theft Auto Online Double RP Events Incoming

The Independence Day content will be disappearing soon so why not rack up some RP before then?

GTA Online “Throwback Jobs” Pay Homage to Previous Games

Sleepwalk back into some classic GTA missions.

GTA Online Receives Ten New “I’m Not a Hipster” Verified Jobs

Races, deathmatches and hipsters collide.

GTA Online Independence Day DLC Now Available (For a Limited Time)

Live up the spirit of 'Murica with Rockstar's newest content pack.

Grand Theft Auto Online Heist Missions Leaked?

A YouTube user leaks details regarding GTA Online's upcoming Heists.

Grand Theft Auto 5 On PS4, Xbox One And PC: Release Date Leaked By Amazon

Will be out on October 28th apparently.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Arrives on Steam

What more proof do you need?

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Will Receive “Advanced Movie Making” Tools

PC players will be able to take advantage of some exclusive video editing tools.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Coming to PlayStation 4 in Fall

To take "full advantage" of the PS4's power.

Take Two Considers Red Dead “A Permanent Franchise”

Does this mean a sequel will arrive sooner or later?

Agent Trademark Renewed by Take Two Interactive (Yet Again)

Rockstar's spy-based action title continues to elude us.

Watch_Dogs Entire Map Revealed, Compared With Grand Theft Auto 4 And GTA 5

How does Chicago compare to Liberty City and Los Santos?

Rockstar Games Co-Founders Among Top 1000 Wealthiest Britons

The Houser Brothers are ranked 947th with a net worth of $151 million.

Take Two Interactive CEO Praises Xbox One Price Cut

Strauss Zelnick believes anything that increases the console's install base is "a good thing for Take Two and ...

Take Two CEO Interested in Purchasing Studios, Still Focusing on Retail

"There's no question this company is in growth mode" according to Strauss Zelnick.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Ships 33 Million Copies Till Date

Rockstar's open world title continues to rake it in.

GTA Online High Life Update Now Available

Own a new apartment, buy new vehicles and take part in new Jobs.

Grand Theft Auto 5 On PC, PS4 And Xbox One Incoming: Insider

Also, Rockstar Games apparently still wants to make Agent.

GTA Online Receives Capture Creation Guide from Rockstar

Find out how to set up different game types and place NPCs for Capture jobs.

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