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Grand Theft Auto Online Receives 10 More Verified Content Jobs

The first Verified Air Race comes to GTA Online.

Capture Creator Update Released For GTA Online

You can now create your own Capture modes.

“Capture Jobs” With GTA Online Starting This Friday

Via the GTA Online Creator tool.

GTA 5 for PC, Xbox One & PS4: A Cue For Rockstar

Some prompting reasons as to why Rockstar should pay heed to the PC and new generation console users.

GTA Online Rooftop Rumble Pulled, Rockstar Fixing Issues

After a recent exploit emerged, the mission has been pulled from online play.

GTA Online Receives New Rockstar Verified Content

Ten new races/deathmatches await.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Story Mode DLC to Include New Assassination, Flight School Missions

Michael, Trevor and Franklin to return soon?

GTA Online Business Update Adds New Sports Cars, Weapons

Style and profile through some mass murder on March 4th.

Rockstar Offers Tips for Perfecting GTA Online User-Created Races

Stuck? Annoyed? Struggling? Rockstar's got you covered.

GTA Online Transactions Net $66.4 Million in Revenue for Take Two

Represented nearly half of revenue delivered in the same quarter for publisher.

GTA 5 Title Update 1.10 Revives the Rat Loader for Online Play

Many other changes and fixes have been implemented to GTA Online.

GTA Online Valentine’s Day Massacre Brings New Weapons, Clothes, Jobs

Did we mention a new Flapper Bob hairstyle?

Red Dead Redemption Sequel to be Announced for 2014 – Analyst

Baird Equity Research also predicts a PC and next gen release for GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto Online Receives 10 New Rockstar Verified Jobs

Access these community created jobs via freemode on your next play session.

GTA 5 PC Listing Discovered on Amazon Germany and France

Rockstar's open world opus indeed seems PC-bound.

GTA Online Update Improves Anti-Cheat Measures

GTA$ and Reputation Point exploits are going to be even tougher.

GTA Online Glitch Allows Access to North Yankton

The campaign prologue town can be accessed on GTA Online via a small glitch.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Campaign Receiving “Substantial Additions” in 2014

The boys are back in town in the new year.

Grand Theft Auto Online Content Creator Leaked in New Video

Check out the various menus and options you'll have for creating races, deathmatches, etc.

GTA Online Beach Bum Update Arriving on November 19th

A heap of content is on the way for GTA V's online mode.

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