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Batman Arkham Knight First PC Patch Available, Rocksteady Outlines Future Fixes

Rocksteady promises more fixes for the future.

Rocksteady and Nvidia Working on Batman Arkham Knight PC Issues

Warner Bros. is now working feverishly to fix PC issues after suspending sales.

Batman Arkham Knight Visual Analysis: PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. PC

The Dark Knight rises on consoles but falls on PC.

Batman Arkham Knight PC Errors And Fixes: Low FPS, Stuttering, Removing 30fps Limit

A few tech tips for Batman Arkham Knight.

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Sales Suspended Due to Technical Issues

Warner Bros. working to fix performance issues.

Batman Arkham Knight Guide: Unlimited Health, XP, Upgrade Points, Riddler Trials And More

A complete guide for Batman Arkham Knight.

Batman: Arkham Knight – 15 Amazing Facts That You Might Not Be Aware of

Know everything about what is supposed to be Rocksteady's last game in the Arkham series.

Batman Arkham Knight Review Scores Currently Averaging Over 90 On Metacritic

What's up with Gamespot being the big outlier?

Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Reveals Even More Red Hood Gameplay

Check out some more footage of the Red Hood cracking skulls.

Batman Arkham Knight Nvidia Exclusive Features To Include Enhanced Rain And Interactive Paper Debris

Batman's world get's a little more realistic thanks to Nvidia.

Batman: Arkham Knight File Size Weighs 45 GB

The install size is the same across all platforms.

Batman: Arkham Knight Has No Loading Screens, Cutscenes Rendered in Realtime

Director Sefton Hill promises no loading screens throughout the open world title.

Batman Arkham Knight To Have Tons of Secrets, New Game Plus Detailed

Also gadgets can be upgraded to unlock to new abilities.

Batman: Arkham Knight Features Poison Ivy in Ride-along

Check out the newest video for Arkham Knight.

Batman: Arkham Knight’s Disruptor Gun Explodes Enemy Weapons, Tags Vehicles

The Dark Knight will have a new weapon for long range strategies

Batman Arkham Knight: “There’s An Interesting Triangular Relationship” Between Batman, Barbara And Gordon

It looks like there are interesting plot developments on the horizon for the Batman.

Batman: Arkham Knight’s Batgirl is Barbara Gordon

Players get a look at Barbara in her pre-Oracle days.

Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass Detailed, Batgirl Campaign Revealed

New missions, story arcs and much more promised for Rocksteady's open world adventure.

Batman Arkham Knight: Is The Joker Still Alive?

If you have not played other games in the series, DON'T READ THIS.

Batman: Arkham Knight Screens Show Off Playable Allies

Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman are all playable as the Dark Knight's allies.

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