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Batman Arkham Knight: New Trailer Looking Sweet, Will Show Off A Very Cool Feature

Will also showcase a returning character from Arkham City.

Batman Arkham Knight: New Gameplay Trailer Incoming, Development Almost Complete

"I can tell you we've worked longer and harder on this one than ever before," says Rocksteady developer.

Batman Arkham Knight Interview: The Knight’s End We Deserve

Rocksteady talks about the most fitting conclusion to the Arkham trilogy.

Batman Arkham Knight To Possibly Run At 1080p On PS4

According to the product page on PlayStation store.

Batman Arkham Knight: The Massive Open World Allowed Devs To Enhance Every Aspect of The Game

The time of the bat draws near, get prepared for a huge open world.

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Release is Digital Only in UK

Warner Bros. confirms physical release for North America and rest of Europe.

Batman: Arkham Knight’s Harley Quinn DLC Set in Blüdhaven

Takes place before events of the main game.

Batman Arkham Duo Remastered Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

A recent report suggests the first two Arkham games will be getting remastered.

Batman Arkham Knight: The Game Is Leagues Ahead Of Anything Rocksteady Have Ever Done Before

'There is no way we could have achieved something as ambitious as this before.'

Top 5 Settings to Explore After Batman Arkham Knight

Here are some ideas on where the Dark Knight should go after his next swan song.

Batman Arkham Knight: Rocksteady Details The Game’s Villains

Scarecrow's coming for us all.

Batman Arkham Knight: ‘As A Player You Never Know What To Expect From Scarecrow’

An under rated bad guy gets centre stage this time in Gotham.

Batman Arkham Knight: Combat Gameplay Mechanics Detailed

Rocksteady on what players can expect from the game's combat.

Batman Arkham Knight: World And Map Size Detailed

That's pretty damn huge.

Batman Arkham Knight: Rocksteady Details The Game’s Gadgets

New gadgets may not be present in Arkham Knight but old ones will be better than ever.

Batman Arkham Knight: Batmobile Modes Detailed

Rocksteady Studios Gaz Deaves details the Batmobile.

Batman: Arkham Knight Novelization Releasing Alongside Game

Written by Marv Wolfman, the story has been described as "highly emotional."

Batman Arkham Knight: Even The Design of the Arkham Knight’s Helmet Is A Taunt Aimed At Batman

"He's broken the old rules of engagement and raised the stakes through the roof," says Rocksteady's Gaz Deaves...

Batman Arkham Knight: Stunning Screenshots Released

Batman faces off against the Arkham Knight.

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