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Saints Row 4 Anime Pack Released On Steam

Things are looking....crazy.

Saints Row IV HD Video Walkthrough | Game Guide

A complete video walkthrough for Saints Row IV

There Was a GRiD 2 £125,000 Edition, and No One Bought It

Would you have spent that kind of money?

What Happens In Space Doesn’t Stay In Space: Saints Row IV Developer Diary Number 2

The second Saints Row IV developer diary

Saints Row 4 Wiki: Everything you want to know about the game

All the information you may need about Saints Row 4.

Sales not affected by Saints Row 4’s silly tone – Volition

Saints Row 4 features Aliens, presidents and stuff like that, and sort of has a silly tone to it. However, it ... Read More

Deep Silver: “We’re much better than the Activisions, EAs, and Ubisofts of the world”

Deep Silver boss reveals what makes the company tick.

Saints Row 4 could be released on next gen consoles

DeepSilver needs to do this.

Saints Row 4 developer not worried about releasing close to GTA V

"If we were stylistically similar to the first Saints Row, I'd be horrified right now."

Deep Silver Teases “Something Huge” at PAX East, Saint’s Row 4 Rumoured

Could we see the next iteration of the insane open worlder?

THQ: Saints Row 4 Will Have Even Broader Appeal Than Saints Row: The Third

Last year, THQ released Saints Row: The Third, the third installment in its over the top open world series t... Read More

Saints Row 4 already in development

Thanks to our inbox-nuking friends at LinkedIn and the power of Twitter, it appears Saints Row 4 is in develop... Read More

RUMOUR: Alan Wake 2 and Saints Row 4 in development for Xbox 720

A recent rumour in this month's issue of Xbox World Magazine states that Alan Wake 2 and Saints Row 4 are bo... Read More

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