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Alien: Isolation Can Be Completed Without Killing Anyone

"Not so much a challenge but something the character would do" according to lead designer Gary Napper.

Yakuza Developers Explain Why The New Game Is Cross Gen

The PS4's performance in Japan probably has something to do with it.

New Yakuza Game Currently in Development

Not many details to go by, aside from auditions for hostesses.

Alien Isolation Dev Had No Issues With Xbox One’s eSRAM, ‘I Don’t Wanna Jinx It’: Lead Designer

They are also pushing the resolution and frame rate as high as possible.

Battlefield: Hardline, Sunset Overdrive and More Playable at EGX London 2014

The Eurogamer Expo will be returning this September end.

Alien: Isolation Receives Scary Gameplay Trailer And Screenshots

Sega promises a 20 minute demonstration at E3 show floors.

Sonic Boom Introduces A New Character – Sticks

"Sticks is a significant addition to the Sonic Boom universe and the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise."

Yakuza Ishin Interview: PS4 Benefits, Western Release And No Plans For Xbox One Version

GamingBolt speaks to Sega Japan to know all about Yakuza Ishin.

Here Is How Alien: Isolation Will Have A Believable Cast of Characters

Alien: Isolation will feature an amazing motion capture technology as well.

Yakuza Developers Hard At Work On Next Game

New Yakuza?

PS Plus Members Can Download Castle of Illusion For Free

And get the original in a "special" deal.

Football Manager Classic 2014 PS Vita Bundle Out Soon

Managing Ronaldo on the go- or Bendtner, if you so wish. But why would you?

Alien: Isolation Releasing on October 7th for Current and Next Gen Consoles

You can run but you can't hide in space.

Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies Brings Back Two Classic Factions

Along with eight new maps and standalone multiplayer access.

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