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Nobuo Uematsu – Final Fantasy Composer Gets Tribute App

If you really love famed game composer Nobuo Uematsu then you might want to get your hands on the Official Nob... Read More

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 2 announced

A teaser trailer confirming that Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 2 is in development has hit YouTube. You can... Read More

Official Final Fantasy XIII-2 website launched

Square Enix has launched the official website for their recently announced Final Fantasy XIII-2. The websit... Read More

FF Versus XIII HD trailer dropping Jan 20

Square's confirmed that a new trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be released for the public on Jan 2... Read More

Final Fantasy Agito XIII renamed to Type 0

At their Japan event, Square Enix announced that their PSP exclusive, Final Fantasy Agito XIII has been rena... Read More

Final Fantasy XIII-2 announced for PS3 and 360

Oooh Yeah! Square's announced Final Fantasy XIII-2 during its Japanese event today. The game will be dir... Read More

Square Enix “looking forward to hardware improvements in PSP2″

Square Enix producer, Takamasa Shiba, currently working on the PSP title Lord of Arcane, says he is "looking... Read More

Final Fantasy X’s Yuna confirmed for Dissidia 012, Tifa gets a new costume

The latest issue of the Japanese gaming magazine Shonen Jump has confirmed that the Final Fantasy X charac... Read More

Tomb Raider Trilogy confirmed, PS3 exclusive

The recently leaked Tomb Raider Trilogy has now been confirmed by Square Enix for the PS3- exclusively. It w... Read More

Square Enix Reveals TGS Lineup

Square Enix have announced their lineup for the upcoming TGS (Tokyo Games Show, for those few ******* people... Read More

New Final Fantasy XIV Trailer

Square Enix recently released the TGS trailer for their upcoming MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV. Thr trailer looks ... Read More

Front Mission 3 coming on PS3 and PSP soon

Square Enix Ltd  today announced the forthcoming release of FRONT MISSION 3, the strategy adventure game ori... Read More

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Special Edition Detailed

Sqaure has confirmed that it has plans for releasing a Special Edition of its upcoming PSP Role Playing Title,... Read More

Tactics Ogre Remake for the PSP

It has been confirmed by Famitsu (thanks a ton, 1UP) that Square Enix will be remaking the classic and the muc... Read More

E3 2010: Square Announces Another Title for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network

As if the sudden wave of the game announcements before E3 wasn't enough, Square have gone ahead and announced ... Read More

Insomniac- Final Fantasy XIII ‘superior’ on PS3

James Stevenson, Insomniac community head, has admitted that he feels that FFXIII is superior on the PS3 compa... Read More

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