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Just Cause 3 Dev Diary Series Kicks Off With Look At Rico

Rico is carrying his years well.

Square Enix Amazed At PS4 and Xbox One Sales Performance

'It was good for us.'

Square Enix Not Sure Whether Dragon Quest 11 Will Come to the West Yet

'We have no concrete plans at the moment.'

Final Fantasy Type-0 Steam Preorders Coming With Goodies, Specs Announced

Master Chocobo as their courier is just part of the pre-order goodie bag.

Dragon Quest 11 Heading to PS4, 3DS and Nintendo NX

Dragon Quest 10 also announced for PS4 and NX.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Timed Exclusivity “Wasn’t Easy Decision” – Square Enix

Square Enix America CEo Phil Rogers talks about Microsoft's "passion and belief" for the game.

Major Dragon Quest Conference To Be Held on July 28, Will be Livestreamed

Dragon Quest XI announcement incoming.

First Screenshots for Dragon Quest Builders Are Now Out

The craft of mining.

Life is Strange Episode 4 Receives Launch Trailer

Series has sold more than 1 million units since launch.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Director Confirms 1080p Resolution

Following recent graphics analysis, Brian Horton reveals the game's resolution.

Square Enix CEO Would Like To See More Games Get Announced, And Released In The Same Year

We'd like to see that too though it's probably isn't happening anytime soon though.

Final Fantasy 15 Global Release Information Coming “Soon” – Report

Square Enix CEO says there are various plans for global release in the works.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Won’t Feature Multiplayer

Any implementation of multiplayer "would have to be topic of the game itself".

Final Fantasy 15 ‘Properly Revealed’ at Gamescom 2015

Will there be a release date soon though?

Watch Just Cause 3’s E3 Build Being Played Through In This Video

This game looks more awesome each time we see it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Be Shown off at the D23 Expo This August

Fresh information on the Disney-Square crossover expected next month.

Final Fantasy 15 Stage Demo at Gamescom, Kingdom Hearts 3 Has No QTEs

The number of QTEs in Kingdom Hearts 2 has spurred the director to go a different direction.

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