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Square Enix Announces Gamescom Line-up: Lara Croft & The Temple of Osiris, Nosgoth and More

Tons of new things for players to experience.

Bravely Default Sells More Than 1 Million Units Worldwide

The spiritual successor to Final Fantasy has been quite the success.

Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris Releasing on December 9th

Lara Croft is back and she's bringing some friends.

Square Enix Announces A ‘Legacy of Music’ Contest for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call

Perform Final Fantasy music and win oodles of goodies.

Final Fantasy 15 And Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Attending SDCC 2014

But new information about the game remains unlikely.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Language Patch Removed Following Cease and Desist

Square Enix clamps down on fan translation.

Final Fantasy III Review

Better things to fantasize about.

Final Fantasy 15 And Kingdom Hearts 3 Still Being Developed On DX11

So a PC version might still be a possibility.

Drakengard 3 Review

Zero hour.

Dragon Quest X Coming to 3DS

Uses advanced streaming tech to get around the handheld's limitations.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Co-Director Would Like to Include Disney’s Frozen

Tai Yasue is interested in the "magical" story and music of Disney's wildly successful film.

Final Fantasy 15: Why Development Hell Can be The Quietest

And easily the most worrying kind.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call “Legacy of Music” Episode 1 Explores Retro Tunes

Final Fantasy I-III are on display and sound great.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Trailer Compares Old and New Graphics

Check out how the PS3 port compares to the older platforms.

Hitman GO Receives New Content Update on iOS

Android version to be updated later.

Kingdom Hearts 3: No Promises Regarding Release, Ideas and Content Progressing Nicely

WIll wrap up The Dark Seeker Chronicles story.

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