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The Forest’s Unity 5 Changelog Reveals Physical Based Rendering, 32-bit OS Support and More

A new hotfix has also gone live in the meantime.

The Forest Upgraded To Unity 5

The new engine brings with it new improvements.

Halo: Spartan Strike Now Available on Windows 8, Steam and Mobile Devices

The twin-stick shooter successor to Spartan Assault is finally out.

Dying Light Developer Tools Lets Users Craft New Missions and Maps

Create brand new story scenarios or craft crazy mini-games for the community.

Killing Floor 2 PC System Requirements Revealed, Early Access Begins on April 16th

Tripwire Interactive's bloody FPS will be out on April 21st.

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Sells 1.1 Million Copies on Steam at Launch

Rockstar's open world opus is already off to a strong start on PC.

Mortal Kombat X: On Disc DLC Confirmed [Update]

Update: Series co-creator Ed Boon has acknowledged our story and tweeted that the information in this article ...

Valve Offering Refunds For Anyone Hit By The GTA V Windows Account Bug

Valve allowing for refunds and returns while Rockstar works on a fix.

I Am Bread Now Available on Steam

The journey of bread is finally available to all.

GTA 5 Now Available to Pre-Load on Steam

It's finally happening!

Elite: Dangerous Is Now On Steam

Plus, the Mac version is coming out soon too.

Dead Or Alive 5 Ships With Missing Key Features On PC

Well that's one way to make gamers dislike your company.

User Mod Brings Flight Simulator To Cities: Skylines

As 'Flight Cimulator.'

The Talos Principle Receiving New Story Expansion With “Road to Gehenna”

Four new episodes with advanced challenges on the way this Spring.

H1Z1 on Steam Sells +1 Million Copies

Daybreak's zombie survival title scores big.

Cities: Skylines Is Being Pirated, But Paradox Knows How To Deal With The Problem

The publisher has a unique outlook on piracy.

Steam Gets Listings for Steam Machines

And now we know how much they cost.

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