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GamingBolt’s Staff Picks the Best Games of 2012

Find out which were the personal favourite games of our editors.

Starbreeze: Syndicate reboot “was a lost battle from the get-go”

It's not a secret that Syndicate bombed spectacularly. The reboot made by Starbreeze Studios and published b... Read More

GAME issues “hurt Syndicate’s sales”- Starbreeze

Syndicate developer Starbreeze says that the game has had less than average sales because of the issues with... Read More

Rebooting Syndicate as an FPS franchise was “the right choice”- EA

The 1993 classic strategy franchise, Syndicate recently got a reboot, and it was something we hadn't seen co... Read More

Syndicate Review

The First Person Shooter genre is so saturated now that we groan every time we even hear of a new FPS game. ... Read More

Syndicate Launch Trailer is Here

[HTML1] We have the launch trailer of Syndicate for you, and it looks awesome like every other launch trailer... Read More

Origin is absolutely required to even install Syndicate

It seems like EA is pushing their digital distribution network Origin harder, and somehow people have starte... Read More

Syndicate | DART 6 Infomercial

EA has released a video showing features of their upcoming FPS, Syndicate in an infomercial format. It's an in... Read More

EA justifies “no online pass” requirement for Syndicate

EA's Syndicate will not have an online pass we've come to know. At a time that almost every EA games' comes ... Read More

Syndicate | Western Europe Co-op Demo trailer revealed

[HTML1] Check out the new trailer from Syndicate which shows off the co-op elements from the game. The game... Read More

Syndicate To Get A 4 Player Co-op Demo, New Trailer Inside

[HTML1] The Syndicate co-op demo will feature one of the nine missions in the game, all of which can be playe... Read More

Syndicate: A quadruple serving of co-op screens

EA and Stabreeze have released brand new co-op screens for Syndicate. Check them out below and let us know you... Read More

Syndicate – Agent Tech Gameplay Trailer

[HTML1] Check out this new video from Syndicate which shows some tech gameplay trailer. The game is a reboo... Read More

New Syndicate Weapons Trailer Released

[HTML1] Check out this new weapons trailer from Syndicate, which shows some cool weapons from the game. Syn... Read More

Syndicate- Hostile Takeover trailer shows four player co-op gameplay

[HTML1] EA has released a new gameplay video for their upcoming First Person Shooter, Syndicate. The video sh... Read More

Syndicate Brand New Screens Released

Check out these new screenshots for Syndicate. Syndicate is due for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. ... Read More

Syndicate Gets A ‘Deep Dive’ Trailer

[HTML1] Check out this new video from Syndicate. In the game, players take on the role of Miles Kilo, Euro... Read More

Syndicate – ‘Origins’ Trailer Released

[HTML1] Check out the Syndicate Origins trailer, which was released today. The game has been totally transf... Read More

Syndicate gets a 11-minute Video Walkthrough

[HTML1] Check out the amazing 11-minute Syndicate video walkthrough. It shows a lot of amazing footage that... Read More

Syndicate Gets Some Awesome Looking Screens And Concept Art

We have got our hands on some brand new screens from Syndicate. Check them out and let us know your thoughts i... Read More

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