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Diablo III: 8 Things it Did Right

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8 Underhyped Games You Should Look Out For This Year

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8 Video Game Franchises That Get More Hate Than They Deserve

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8 Awesome Last Gen IPs That Never Got Sequels

The previous generation of gaming, the PlayStation 2 era, was a very active one. One new IP after next was lau... Read More

8 Recent First Person Shooters That Had a Great Artistic Style

Most First Person Shooters this gen have great graphics, technologically perfect. A lot of them do not, but ma... Read More

The Most Amazing Blood Spurts In Video Games [PICS]

Its no doubt that games which have a lot of blood are on the rise. You can slice , dice and rip them in to pie... Read More

8 Sequels That Won’t Get Released in 2011

So, you want to slice and dice the Patriots and insane looking mechs? Not Happening. You want to bring the wor... Read More

8 Insane Stunts in Video Games

It's a well known fact that video games are ever closing to Hollywood in terms of direction and action. So... Read More

8 most Under sold and Under rated games on the Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 has had some of the best games this generation. From Gears of War , Fable 2 to Mass Effect, Xbox ... Read More

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