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Battlefield: Hardline is “More of a Personal Kind of Setting”, Inspired by Films and TV

Visceral's Steve Papoutsis talks about the influences behind the upcoming shooter.

Battlefield: Hardline Features 9 Maps, One Unconfirmed Game Mode

And no, Rush mode won't be making a return.

Battlefield: Hardline Will Work at Launch, Development Began One Year Before BF4

But no, seriously, it'll work according to creative director Ian Milham.

Battlefield: Hardline’s Hotwire Multiplayer Mode Revealed

Need for Speed: Hardline confirmed.

Battlefield Hardine Won’t Have Visual Recoil on Guns, New Beta Planned for All Consoles

Rush Mode is out but Conquest and Team Deathmatch return.

Battlefield: Hardline Trailer Showcases Freedom in Single-Player Campaign

Also, two new multiplayer modes announced.

Battlefield Hardline Dev Details Weapons Data, Will Be Used To Make Multiplayer Better

Visceral Games on how they plan to use weapons data in Battlefield Hardline.

Battlefield Hardline Interview: ‘We Want To Make Sure That We Deliver On People’s Expectations’

Hardline's Creative Director Ian Milham on the mistakes of Battlefield 4, staying true to the core of the fran...

Battlefield Hardline: How The Game Will Remain True To Series’ Theme

"It still has all the Battlefield fundamentals - like the things that make Battlefield Battlefield," says crea...

Battlefield: Hardline Delayed Into 2015

And so it begins.

Battlefield: Hardline Campaign is “More Personal and Relatable”

Creative director Ian Milham wants to do something the series hasn't attempted before.

Battlefield: Hardline Receiving Rebalanced Mechanic Class, Longer Rounds and More

Plus you can drive safer knowing an assault rifle won't blow up your car (right away).

Battlefield Hardline Is Not A ‘No Choice Roller Coaster’, Will Be Fairly Non Linear

It won't be a 'no choice roller coaster.'

Battlefield: Hardline Will See More Details, Brand New Modes Before Launch

64 player maps are also included in the final game.

Did Xbox One’s eSRAM Pose A Challenge To Battlefield Hardline Dev? ‘Absolutely Not’

Ian Milham also explains how Hardline has been a big learning curve for them.

Battlefield: Hardline Beta Numbers Reveal $9 Trillion Stolen, +12 Million Vehicles Destroyed

Beta players caused tons of widespread damage in their short run.

Battlefield Hardline: Suppression and Movement Top Community’s Most Wanted Changes

Other changes, including reduced camera shake in some instances, have also been implemented.

Battlefield Hardline Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Battlefield Hardline.

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