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Biggest Controversy of 2014

2014, like many years, was no stranger to controversies.

Most Disappointing Game of 2014

Which game did not delivered on the promise?

Worst Game of 2014

2014 saw some good games, but we still had to endure a few stinkers.

Ubisoft Are Absolutely Frightened Due To Backlash Against Watch Dogs – Insider

The game's supposed visual degradation heavily overshadows news of its release.

Ubisoft Reveals PAX Prime 2013 Lineup

The AAAs make their appearance at PAX.

Watch Dogs PC Version To Have Superior Graphical Effects

Nvidia ties up with Ubisoft.

Watch_Dogs Steps Up Promotion With New H_ide App And London Hacker Hunt

Watch_Dogs' newest promotional tools

Watch Dogs: Unlock The Papavero Stealth Edition in uPlay

Use this sleek, stealthy vehicle as you see fit when the game releases.

Watch Dogs’s Current Gen Version Will Be Better Than What Was Shown

Creative director calls the recent fiasco "indeed hilarious".

Assassin’s Creed 4, Watch_Dogs Pre-orders Higher for PS4 Version – Analyst

Meanwhile, Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-orders are higher on the Xbox One.

Analyst: Call of Duty Ghosts, Watch_Dogs With Most Holiday Preorders

GTA V, Assassin's Creed IV and Battlefield 4 also showing strong numbers.

Watch Dogs: Aiden’s Friends Will Affect His Actions

The relationships you maintain will influence your overall success.

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Interview: PS4 Version Details, Sales Expectations, Story Details and More

We speak to creative director Jean Guesdon on all things piratey Assassin-related.

Ubisoft: “We Won’t Start a Game If We Can’t Build a Franchise Out of It”

Tony Key discusses how it's currently too expensive to just "fire and forget".

Watch_Dogs Development Began in 2009

Senior producer Dominic Guay denies Person of Interest similarities.

Ubisoft Explains The Difference Between PS4 And Xbox One Versions of Watch_Dogs

Senior producer Dominic Guay talks design and scale for the open world adventure.

Watch_Dogs Multiplayer Trailer Leaked: Hack Targets and Evade Pursuit

Check out how Watch_Dogs multiplayer will function.

Ubisoft Working on Watch_Dogs, Far Cry and Rabbids Films

The publisher's film division is adding three more projects to production.

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