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Spencer On Uncharted & Crackdown, Won’t Try & Convince PC Gamers To Buy Xbox One During PC Games Show

Spencer talks about E3 and how he does not want his plans to leak out.

Improving Graphics Performance Using Cloud Is Going To Be Really Hard: Ex-Naughty Dog Dev

The idea is tempting but simply offloading assets to cloud won’t work, says Filmic World's boss and Ex-Naugh...

Halo 5 Guardians To Have A Big E3, Will Feature ‘Nice’ Additions To The Campaign

A big E3 for Xbox is just around the corner.

Unity Founder: DirectX 12 API Alone Doesn’t Give A Significant Performance Boost

David Helgason also talks about the use of Enlighten in Unity.

Your Mileage May Vary With June’s Xbox Live Games With Gold

It appears that once again, the Xbox 360 selection is far better than the Xbox One selection.

Sony Showing off Two Unannounced Games Behind Closed Doors At E3, New Indie Games Incoming

Industry insiders teasing new announcements.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Alien: Isolation Highlight This Week’s Deals with Gold

Possibly one of the best Deals with Gold week yet.

Ex-Naughty Dog Dev Explains Difference Between DX12 And DX11, Less Gains On Consoles Compared To PC

John Hable on how DX12 will impact consoles and PC.

Halo 5 Guardians: New ‘Hunt the Chief’ Campaign Revealed

A clever marketing scheme from the people at Microsoft.

Xbox One Has More Exclusives Incoming, “Brilliant Time” To Be An Xbox Gamer – Microsoft’s Graeme Boyd

Graeme Boyd on the importance of exclusives and 3rd party games for the Xbox One.

DirectX 12 Gives A Boost of 330% To Draw Calls On 3 Year Old Hardware, More Details Shared

A Reddit user has got his hands on a Windows 10 build with DX12 installed.

Microsoft Looking To Improve Xbox Live’s Up Time, Strengthen Halo 5’s Cloud Services

Microsoft working on further strengthening its online infrastructure.

Capcom Will Prioritize HD Remasters Going Forward

Because as we all know, Capcom has never been one to re-release games in the past.

PS4 And Xbox One are Beasts of Machines, Battle Will Be Won Through Content, Not Graphics

FuturLab's technical director gives his take on the differences between PS4 and Xbox One.

Ex-Naughty Dog Dev Explains Why PS4/XB1 Will Never Achieve CGI Visuals, 4K Will Take Two Generations

"Trailers and feature-length movies simply have a much higher budget per second than what the full game can af...

Halo 5 Guardians: Still A Long Way To Go Before Completion, Will Feature Collectibles

A few updates on the upcoming first person shooter.

Microsoft Looking To Improve Xbox One’s Graphics Performance, Working On GPU Optimization

Microsoft are also looking for UX designer that will develop frameworks for episodic storytelling.

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