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Halo 5 Guardians: Agent Locke Will Contextualise The Universe In A Way Cortana Couldn’t

"Locke is going to help solidify and contextualise the stakes."

Top Xbox One Features Microsoft Desperately Needs To Implement And Fix

Xbox One is a solid gaming console but Microsoft could very well add new and fix existing features for better ...

NBA Live 15 Is Now Available on EA Access

And just four months after launch, too.

Pachter: Microsoft Probably Paid $10 Million Or More For Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox Exclusivity

"Microsoft continues to use that trick to pay up for limited time exclusives," says Wedbush Securities' Michae...

Here Are The Studios Who Are Working On Microsoft’s HoloLens Projects

HoloLens looks to be gaining momentum.

Lost Orbit Interview: ‘Indies Have Their Place As Risk Takers And Innovators’

Alex Golebiowski of PixelNAUTS on what makes Lost Orbit special.

Halo 5 Guardians Is Going To be Huge: Microsoft Executive

Someone should tell him that saying "innovation" a lot, doesn't make it true.

Microsoft Are Bringing Halo 5, Fable Legends And More To PAX East

If you're heading to the show, don't miss out on Microsoft.

Xbox One March System Update Adds Screenshot Capture, Suggested Friends And More

Preview updates are rolling out for Xbox One Gamers.

DX12 Running In Excess Of 100fps On An Unreleased GPU, “Way beyond Console Stuff”

Good news for players who own multi GPU PCs.

Stardock CEO: Xbox One ‘Probably’ Has More Than We Know, Excited About Microsoft’s GDC Showcase

Brad Wardell says "we're always learning new possibilities" with the new platforms.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic Interview: ‘We Have A Weakness For Studio Ghibli And Pixar’

Game Director Bendik Stang on what makes Earthlock: Festival of Magic different from other role playing games ...

The Real Differences Between The PS4 And Xbox One Are The Games – Developer

Alex Golebiowski of PixelNAUTS shares his thoughts on the differences between PS4 and Xbox One.

Greenberg On X1 Exclusives: Excited About Tomb Raider’s Progress, Ori & ScreamRide Coming Along Well

The first half of 2015 is looking a tad dull for Xbox One but the second half is simply going to be amazing.

Halo 5 Guardians Developer On Shooting Grenades Mid-Air And Victory Sequences

More beta feedback is being put to use.

Stardock CEO On Xbox One’s ‘Crummy’ Bandwidth Affecting Number of Draw Calls, More Talk On DX12

More details regarding draw calls and batches using DirectX 12.

Halo 5 Guardians Dev On Individual Weapon Tuning, AFK Issue, Rocket Launchers And More

Josh Holmes reveals a few details about Halo 5: Guardians.

Microsoft’s Xbox One and HoloLens Were All Leaked Way Back In 2012

It was right under our noses the entire time.

Spencer On Streaming Xbox One Games To Mobile, Lack of Keypad, Praises 360’s Dashboard

Xbox boss Phil Spencer answers to fan queries on Twitter.

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