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Grand Theft Auto Online Servers Recover Following Connection Issues

The release of Heists, coupled with Xbox Live problems, have strained Rockstar's services.

Halo 5 Guardians: Forerunner Enemy, Spartan Laser And More

Give them their Mega Bloks, it's not like they care about plot...oh wait...

DirectX 12 Analysis: New Rendering Features, ExecuteIndirect & Performance Comparisons

DirectX 12 has a set of exciting features lined up which could change PC and possibly Xbox One games developme...

ScreamRide Video Walkthrough in HD | Game Guide

A complete video walkthrough for ScreamRide.

Microsoft Working with Sony and Nintendo To Do Something About DDoS Atttacks

The industry working together is always great to see.

Microsoft Is Developing A “Hardcore” Controller For Xbox One

Does that mean that the current controller design is for casuals?

DirectX 12 Adds 20% GPU Boost To The Xbox One

That is a pretty solid boost.

DX12 To Improve Xbox One eSRAM Performance, Late Gen XBO Games Will Be Far Faster Even Without DX12

Brad Wardell also talks about PS4, Vulkan and a few updates regarding what is coming next from Stardock Studio...

You Can Now Redeem Xbox One Games with Gold Titles Directly From Your Xbox 360

It lets Xbox 360 owners start building up a free Xbox One library.

Sunset Overdrive Final DLC Pack To Launch On April Fools Day

Last DLC for Sunset Overdrive dated.

Stardock’s DX12 Game Looked So Real That Their Partners Doubted Its Legitimacy, May Come To Xbox One

Brad Wardell on his new project and more talk on DirectX 12.

Halo 5 Guardians: Agent Locke Will Contextualise The Universe In A Way Cortana Couldn’t

"Locke is going to help solidify and contextualise the stakes."

Top Xbox One Features Microsoft Desperately Needs To Implement And Fix

Xbox One is a solid gaming console but Microsoft could very well add new and fix existing features for better ...

NBA Live 15 Is Now Available on EA Access

And just four months after launch, too.

Pachter: Microsoft Probably Paid $10 Million Or More For Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox Exclusivity

"Microsoft continues to use that trick to pay up for limited time exclusives," says Wedbush Securities' Michae...

Here Are The Studios Who Are Working On Microsoft’s HoloLens Projects

HoloLens looks to be gaining momentum.

Lost Orbit Interview: ‘Indies Have Their Place As Risk Takers And Innovators’

Alex Golebiowski of PixelNAUTS on what makes Lost Orbit special.

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