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Respawn: ‘PS4 Is Something We’re Looking At In The Future’, Praises Xbox One’s Price Cut

Respawn loves the platform and will produce content for it.

Family Sharing Plan Will Ultimately Come Back To Xbox One

But it might take a while.

Xbox Live July Games With Gold Announced: Guacamelee, Gotham City Impostors and BattleBlock Theater

Impostors, cats and luchadors. Sounds about right.

Chariot Interview: Making Physics Based Co-op Platforming Fun Once Again

GamingBolt speaks to Frima Studios' Martin Brouard about this intriguing 2D, couch co-op adventure platformer.

PS4/Xbox One Clock Speed Isn’t A Reliable Way To Compare Performance, DX12 Can Boost Cloth Simulation

"The number of processor cores has increased as well, and so has the memory bandwidth," explains Cloakworks' J...

Hello Games: ‘We Are Not Talking About No Man’s Sky On Xbox One’

At least they are not outright denying a potential Xbox One version.

Xbox One Cloud: Responsive Actions Are Still Going To Be Calculated Offline, Latency Could Limit It

Cloth simulation will still be calculated locally, says Cloakworks' Joe van den Heuvel.

Fable Legends Currently Running Under 1080p At 30fps, May Change In The Final Release

Geoff Smith from Lionhead Studios explains to GamingBolt that their focus is to create a great gaming experien...

Halo 5 Guardians Multiplayer To Lean More Towards eSports

Game director Frank O'Connor explains why they might take the eSports approach for Halo 5 Guardians.

DirectX 12 Will Allow Better Collision Detection & Richer Scenes, Xbox One Cloud Is ‘Promising’

Futuremark Studios, who benchmarked DirectX 12, shares new details about the upcoming API.

Sunset Overdrive Runs At 900p/30fps On Xbox One

"We rather just focus on optimizing what you can see on the screen," says Insomniac Games.

Xbox One Exclusive D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die Receives New Screenshots

Four new screenshots from the upcoming detective thriller.

Microsoft Announces An Achievements Application For Xbox One

Now it's easier to keep track of your Achievements across Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Halo 2 Anniversary Comparison Shots Show Massive Graphics Upgrade

That is a hell of a remaster.

Xbox One Launching In India On September 23rd 2014, To Be Priced 39,990 INR

Indian launch of Xbox One detailed.

Phil Spencer Explains Why Players Should Buy Xbox One Over PS4, Talks About Kinect-less SKU And GPU

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer on why people must invest in Xbox One.

Microsoft E3 2014 Conference Review: Knocking The Ball Out Of The Park

Microsoft brings it in its best conference in years.

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