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Rumor: YouTube Will Relaunch Livestreaming Service, Focusing On Gaming and eSports

Google looking to get back into this field in a big way.

PS Vita Will Be Losing Maps, Near, And YouTube In March

More proof that Sony have abandoned their handheld.

Minecraft Ranks as Second Most Popular Search on YouTube

Stats reveal that YouTube viewers spend more time on gaming content than anything else.

Capcom Censors Angry Joe’s Opinions For Street Fighter 5

Angry Joe is not happy.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 Review

Is dedicated capture equipment really necessary in this day and age?

Battlefield: Hardline Development Gathering Feedback from Competitive Players and YouTubers

The "Game Changer" program will use experienced players' feedback to improve the experience.

Video Sharing on Youtube Coming to Xbox One

Xbox One's streaming features continue to pull ahead of the PS4.

Microsoft and Machinima Stealth Marketing for Xbox One on Youtube May Violate FCC Regulations

This might spell a lot of trouble for them, guys.

Xbox One Weird Error: YouTube App Automatically Signs You Out if Some One Else Walks In

If some one with a profile walks into the room, YouTube will automatically boot you out.

Youtube Defends New Copyright Measures

'Users can always dispute copyright claims if they feel they are wrong.'

Minecraft Developer Refuses Revenue From YouTube Videos

Stated however that "it was tempting".

Nintendo Moves to Block Revenue for Fan-Made YouTube Vids

YouTube users making "Let's Play" vids are being targeted by the Big N.

SpikeDislike 2 Developer Lashes Out at IGN For “Stealing Trailer, Not Giving Credit”

The website has since pulled the page linking to the Youtube video.

Dead or Alive 5 “Ver. 1.03″ Patch Will Allow for Uploading of Match Replays

Thought your beating would go unwitnessed by the world? You were wrong.

Wii gets a free YouTube app

While the Wii U gets... well, it gets launched.

PS3 finally gets a dedicated YouTube App

Oh hello there, what do we have here? Oh it's a new Youtube app for the PS3. I can't believe they released i... Read More

YouTube now available on the PlayStation Vita

YouTube is now available on the PS Vita and as a free download on the PS Store. The app was rumoured to be... Read More

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