Tales of Zestiria Has The Worst Kind of DLC, Lets You Buy Levels, Experience, and HP

Terrible, just terrible.

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Bad DLC is sadly all too common in the present gaming market, and nothing exemplifies this more than DLC that is basically just an excuse to shoehorn some microtransactions into a full priced retail game. It was outrageous when a game like Forza Motorsport 5 or Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain did it; that hasn’t changed now either. Which is why the fact that Tales of Zestiria does the same thing is so annoying.

Tales of Zestiria will let you straight up purchase levels, HP, and Experience Points. To anyone who has ever even vaguely encountered an RPG, you probably know that these three are the lifeline of the game- progression in the game is governed by the player trying to maximize these values. Letting players purchase these for real world money, even when it is only optional, cheapens the entire game.

The full list of stat boosters and items in the Adventures Item pack can be seen below.

  • Double Experience
  • Double Gald
  • Double Grade
  • Double Normin
  • Double Herbs of Goodness
  • Item Expansion
  • Katz Trio
  • Level Up +5
  • Level Up +10
  • Max HP +1000
  • Red Bean Pancakes
  • Red Herbs of Happiness
  • Rice Crackers
  • Skewered Rice Dumplings
  • Speed Arte Mastering
  • Strawberry Rice Cakes
  • Super Star Trier
  • Sweet Bean Jellys

Tales of Zestiria is available on PS3, PS4, and PC.

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  • Deltath Riylaan

    I disagree. I think it’s dumb that these exist, sure, but it doesn’t cheapen the entire game. The only possible way you could even argue that is if your self worth were determined by your trophy count and you couldn’t prove whether or not you bought the levels or earned them. But it’s an RPG. Grinding “cheapens” the experience just the same way. The only difference is you grind at work and pay money for it or you grind in the game and just pay time for it. Grinding/power leveling cheapens RPGs, not the DLC.

    For the record, I do hate DLC like this, but making it optional DOES make it not cheapen the experience.

    • HDNphr34k

      It’s the concern that they padded the game out with extra grinding for people who don’t purchase the microtransactions. Balance is usually thrown out the window in order to milk more money from the consumer.

    • Alvious

      Those kind of items provide a boost on the first hours of the game, in no way did they just unbalanced the game for this.

      It’s not as outrageous as it is just useless

    • Deltath Riylaan

      This too. I mean, it’s pointless. If you use them early, the game will be easy, but you won’t level for 5 hours. By the 15 hour mark you’ll maybe be a level or three ahead and that’s it.,

    • Ulquiorragurl26 .

      I think the levels are meant for end game stuff and no not the end of the game boss. In Tales of Xillia 2 there was a massive dungeon and really hard bosses at the end that I can’t imagine beating if you don’t purchase one since it’s no impossible to level up. You don’t need to do all of the extra stuff at the end its only for those who really are completionists. Not to mention it’s a good way to not get frustrated at a game. I found my self rage quitting because I couldn’t beat a boss so I bought a level +5 and was able to continue story progression. At least it’s not like Destiny making you pay $60 for a half assed story and some fixes.

    • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

      It’s actually worse than useless if you look at it objectively because in the game your stat growth when you level is influenced by your total stats including gear. Meaning you are actually loosing out on a bunch of stat growth if you use these instead of leveling normally.

    • Deltath Riylaan

      That doesn’t appear to be what is stated in the article. Also, it wouldn’t be the case anyway. No Tales game ever has been padded with grinding of any kind. And this kind of DLC was available in the last few entries. Also, this is a Japanese game. It’s been out since January. It’s easy to find out if it’s grindy. And I’ve played it. It isn’t.

    • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

      There is also the fact these aren’t really “DLC” items. These are items which you can normally unlock at the start of a NG+ (since levels don’t carry over) and are mostly just there for people who want to say play the game on a higher difficulty the first time through rather than playing it through on normal first.

  • Terminator

    Almost every Tales game on the PS3 has had this same dlcs.

    P.s I almost went berserk if you said anything bad about this game.

    • Mir Teiwaz

      And it’s still complete bullshit. It shouldn’t be there.

    • Terminator

      If its not harming anyone or the gameplay then I don’t see any problem with it.

    • Mir Teiwaz

      The fact that it’s there tells me the game is most likely going to have EXP values adjusted to make you want to buy that DLC. What other reason would they put that in for?

    • Terminator

      If you want to work hard and lvl up playing the game you can do that. If you want to lvl up fast and make the game easier you buy this type of DLC, in other words this dlc is for those who don’t want to spend to much time grinding and want to experience the game as fast as possible.

    • Mir Teiwaz

      Because they decided to add those microtransactions, you now have to grind more than you normally would, since they WANT you pay for it instead.

      I’d prefer this type of DLC just not exist, because it’s just there to make a quick buck off consumers. This is a SINGLE PLAYER JRPG that’s selling for full price. This kind of microtransaction wouldn’t even be tolerated in a free to play game.

      If your EXP curve is so messed up that you believe you need level up DLC, maybe you need to just adjust the EXP curve instead.

    • Terminator

      Btw way I have played every Tales games and the exp is normal if you ask me. Regardless this dlc is optional and is a one time buy.

    • Alvious

      They’re not microtransactions, it’s DLC outside of the game.
      And it’s useless, i’m playing the game and it’s not unbalalced at all

    • Ulquiorragurl26 .

      If you hate video games ripping off customers you haven’t played a video game since the early 2000’s have you? Every video game company has there own way and this is the most mild of them. This isn’t something you NEED to buy it’s just there to help people who need it. Maybe you haven’t heard of the Tales of games because you’re stuck playing Sonic but they are some of the most loved JRPG’s out there and there is good reason for it. Also what games are you buying that aren’t full priced on release? Maybe you should pick up a Tales of game before you start slamming them?

    • Tim Abbott

      Ulquiorragurl26, that comment was almost as absurd as you are stupid. I have played several of the “Tales” games, “dlc” or “pay to win” has to have a need. So these games have built in needs to get a player to buy them. Else suffer retarded slow grinding.

    • Ulquiorragurl26 .

      If you have a problem grinding don’t play a jrpg then. Go back to Call of Duty with your other 12 year old friends.

    • Gabriella Creighton

      You… don’t have to grind more. At all. This game isn’t new, it took a while to localize. The pace is the same as every other game.

    • Gabriella Creighton

      Nope. These things are actually mostly available to players in game after you beat it once. It’s a very old part of Tales games, you collect points based on your battle skill over a playthrough, then in New Game + you spend those points on bonuses for your next playthrough.

      They merely made it that you can pay more to have them in your first playthrough.

      No balance changes to the game.

    • Gabriella Creighton

      This is the 5th game with this DLC system and it hasn’t happened once. How does it tell you that?

      And if you want to know how we figured out that they haven’t done it, there are many, many, many Tales games that came before them and the rate of EXP, battles per level, etc, hasn’t really changed at all in the entire scope of time.

      If you want to see for yourself, play this a little after playing Tales of the Abyss or Tales of Symphonia, then compare the rate and feel. It’s the same.

    • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

      The fact you think that tells me you like making assumption based on nothing.

    • GonzoLewd

      I’ve heard a lot of Tales fans think this is the worst of the series.

    • Terminator

      Well I like it! I always get immerse into every tales game. I have watched so much anime I never get tired of this tales games.

  • cj may

    in all my years playing tales ive yet to ever buy these everytime a new one comes out i see those and move on,costumes are another story i always got to have my costumes !

  • Jojen Reed

    Yeah, I think it’s stupid, but just because I’d never buy it doesn’t mean it’s bad that it exists. Maybe some people are really just that terrible at the game.

  • Gabriella Creighton

    This… isn’t really news. This DLC was present for Vesperia, Xillia, Xilla 2 and Graces / F. All it is is the New Game + bonuses available early for cash. You can get all of this by beating the game once. It’s original intent in older games (and still kinda is) is to make playthroughs after the first easier so you can get all those extra items, endings, whatever each playthrough provides to completionists.

  • Brizzy

    I don’t find a problem as it’s a single player experience. It just let’s the player level up faster if they are dumb enough to spend money. It doesn’t affect anyone else’s game experience

  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Man this site really needs to up where it set’s it’s bar on quality. Author doesn’t even know the difference between a DLC and a microtransaction. Articles like this “cheapen” the entire site.

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