Ten Most Amusing Allusions In Video Games

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Considering how old and established certain video game franchises and conventions are, it makes sense that they are easy targets for parodies. Whether it be in the form of other games, images or youtube clips, the video game parody is an art form in itself that has seen some true genius over the years. It is quite hard to exactly pin down what defines a parody, but here are the top ten gaming allusions that sprang to mind. Note that the internet is a vast and dangerous place, so if I’ve missed out any of your favourite parodies feel free to post them in the comments section below.

10. Dog Hunt

Probably the shortest clip on the list, Dog Hunt isn’t even all that funny. The reason it has made this list is, for what Dog Hunt lacks in humour, it makes up for in sheer satisfaction. Take that you canine prick! About time someone shut him up for good, though if I had the gun I wouldn’t leave him on those crutches: I would have finished him off for good… Thanks go to betamanATstage6 for the video.

9. Rom Check Fail

Though I don’t in any way, shape or form endorse the Rom community, anyone who does will find Rom Check Fail to be an entertaining romp through ghosts of gaming past. The random and quick fire nature of RCF makes it quite an enjoyable little gem in its own right, but it is the creative and amusing crossovers that earn Rom Check Fail a place on this list. With the low price tag of nothing RCF is sure to bring a well earned smile to your face. The video above is provided courtesy of LightningWolf3

8. Robot Chicken: Sonic

This is a short and bizarre take on the original 2D Sonic games from the weird and wonderful Adult Swim animated show Robot Chicken. You can sort of guess what is coming but, regardless, it’s an animation that really needs to be out there. Someone had to do it. Respect to KeithWWatson for the youtube upload.

7. I Wanna be the Guy the Movie: The Game

Though it might be considered a post-modern game compilation rather than a parody, there is no doubt that IWBTG is a loving re-interpretation of all things good and bad about NES-era gaming. From the bizarre mess of level designs and sound effects from other games, to the broken engrish of the opening credits, IWBTG is a fun little re-imagining of a walk down memory lane that no old-skool gamer should be without. That and, it’s completely free. Cheers to KyperTrast for the video upload.

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  • rak33n

    haha dog hunt was too funny but there one on youtube that makes fun of mgs it had m roftfl

  • ass

    One very good one that’s pretty much the reverse of here are the Summoner characters playing Dungeons and Dragons. Remember loving it 10 years ago.


  • lukepc92

    anyone remember eat lead? you know! the video game that parodied videogames? someone must remember? noone? oh..

  • Ron

    Crab battle is an extremely funny parody of MGS3 and another funny video is mike tyson’s brunch out

  • I think Duty Calls is the best parody out there. Really nailed it for me.

  • Just wanted to mention that “Dog Hunt” is an actual clip from the arcade version of Duck Hunt, called VS. Duck Hunt. In that game, you could shoot the dog, and he would walk out on crutches just like he did here. It’s still hilarious, just not technically a parody.


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