Ten Reasons Why The PS4 And Xbox 720 Won’t Launch Anytime Sooner

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Everyone knows that Sony and Microsoft are developing their next-gen consoles, but one thing is for certain, people have to wait for a few more years before they get their hands on the it. There is no chance that both these consoles will be released next year i.e 2013, however, they will be announced for sure next year for sure, via a private conference like Sony announced the Vita or at E3. Nintendo’s Wii U will be released this year, and contrary to most people’s beliefs that this will make Sony and Microsoft panic and release their systems early as possible, is in fact far-fetched.

There’s a lot of reasons for this. In spite of what Ubisoft says, most publishers would want this gen to continue for as long as it can because of one simple reason: Install base. The current PS3/360 install base which totals to nearly 130 million is very vital for software sales. Here are 10 reasons why we think it will launch in 2014.

1) PS3 and Xbox 720 have not hit the market penetration price point: You may know that there are a lot of rumours about a PS3 Super Slim which is supposed to accompanied with a price drop. Latest rumours peg this to as much as 99 pounds, which is the very definition of a market penetration price point. It makes no sense for Sony and Microsoft to release their successors unless they see how the market reacts to this price point.

2) Lots of third and first party games are set for 2013: The Last of Us, God of War: Ascension and Beyond: Two Souls from Sony, and plenty of third-party games that have been pushed to 2013 makes it certain that there’s not a chance of PS4 and Xbox 720 releasing even in the second-half of 2013.

3) Announcing the new consoles will make price drop ineffective: People in the main markets like US and EU won’t really care about the price drop and get a current gen console unless they are certain there is no PS4 and 720 in the horizon any time soon. Why buy a current gen console when its successor is going to be much better and will feature backwards compatibility of sorts?


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  • All sounds reasonable, and i don´t see much excitment in the masses about Wii U anyway, Sony and MS see that too for sure.

    • Meisadragon

      Yeah, the Wii U isn’t something that I would go out and buy day 1.

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  • Ares Reddsite

    This is not true, the new systems will come out soon, and ps3 and 360 will long still be supported after nex gen ps4 and xbox720 come out.

  • martiandynamite

    Make no mistake about it, they are on there way. the new xbox will retail next year , the ps4 the next.

    • suretheywill

      you are delusional

  • roguehydra

    sony intend on releasing the ps4 before the next xbox as they dont want to make the same mistake they did with the ps3 being late, also there will be no backwards capability, but the ps3 and xbox 360 will probbably still be supported developers have only recently stop making games for the ps2

    • GamingBolt

      It really depends. The reason Sony launched the PS3 so late cause they were unrealistic about gamer’s expectations. During the early PS3 days, I still remember a Sony executive saying that people will buy their machines even if its extremely expensive. I think such attitude wont work with the PS4.

    • Facelord

      This time around they won’t spend 400 million dollars on R&D for a processor that won’t appear in other products, they’re spending much less money on proven CPUs and GPUs from(most likely) AMD. Plus the seven years(by late 2013) that’ve passed since the PS3’s launch allowed for major improvements in technological development for the parts in the PS4, they could easily launch a $350 PS4(I can build you a dual-7770 APU rig for $400, add in massive bulk discounts and a year or two of wait and Sony will get them cheaper) at the end of next year or the beginning of 2014 and it’d be very impressive from a hardware standpoint.

      I have high hopes. I just really hope the Wii U bombs at retail so Nintendo can replace it with a console that doesn’t suck ass, being a Nintendo fan’s been really hard lately and the Wii U’s just gonna make it worse. After the 3DS was such an abomination I’m just not gonna purchase Nintendo systems again until they can impress me as much as Playstation alternatives.

    • Why do you hate the WiiU so much? Did you test it and not like it? The games suck?(they kinda do). I’m not ripping on you, but it just doesn’t seem like the WiiU deserves that much hate when it hasn’t been released. So why the hate?(Mind you, I’m not super stoked anymore for the WiiU, either. No really good games coming, you know?)

    • chjabr0010

      No good games? Well, I don’t know which types of games you like, but here are some of the best exclusives for Wii U in launch window: Bayonetta 2, Mario, Zombi U, Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3. Oh, and when you count multiplatform, you have AC3, Black Ops 2, Arkham City: Armored Edition,Darksiders 2, Ninja Gaidin 3, etc.
      Please, don’t say that the Wii U doesn’t have any good games.

    • You know. You’re right, actually. I shouldn’t say it doesn’t have any good games just because I’m not stoked for it. I’m more stoked now than I was two months ago, but there still isn’t enough on the system that warrants a $350 price-tag for me, you know? Of course I’m excited for Bayonetta 2 and Rayman Legends, but I can get AC3 on another console, same with Arkham city(the only games I’d consider buying.). The WiiU has piqued my interest, but I’m still not super excited about it yet. I’ll probably just wait a while before I pick it up.

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