“The analogue sticks are the best ever implemented in a portable device,” says Edge for NGP

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Respected gaming magazine Edge recently got a chance to try out Sony’s new handheld, currently titled NGP- we, and everyone else, like to call it PSP2.

Anyway, Edge praised the system a lot, saying that the system is slimmer and sexier than the PSP. They also said the analog sticks are the “best ever implemented in a portable device.” Not that their are many portable devices with analog sticks to name of, but still, it’s good to hear the praise.

They also said that the OLED screen more than makes up for the system’s large size. They also said the system’s super oval shape was “very comfortable”, “robust” and “high quality.”

“Based on our hands-on time with the device following the presentation in Tokyo, we can confirm that Sony’s ‘Next Generation Portable’ feels considerably larger than previous PSP models,” said the magazine.

“Despite the larger dimensions, the handheld console is actually thinner than a PSP,” it adds. “It’s hard to believe such power is contained in such a slim form factor, especially without giving off any heat.”

They went on gushing over the system, praising its dual thumbsticks the most. “The analogue sticks are the best ever implemented in a portable device, giving the feel of using a genuine DualShock controller, with all the granularity of input you’d expect.”

Stay tuned for more info.

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  • Pixolator

    it wasn’t a big surprise that they implement the dual sticks, what really put ngp to the top point is the graphic powers and let you experience ps3 like graphics in your palm.

    • dh4645

      i agree. it wasnt a surprise, but it’s still awesome to have 2 sticks on a handheld. you ever try playing resistance on the psp. it works as best as it could, but still not great

  • This picture makes the NGP look beautiful. Anyways, the analog sticks will make it difficult to put the NGP into pants pockets. It’d be nice if the sticks could be pushed and lock into the NGP when not in use. Think about it!

  • lukepc92

    I can actually see myself buying this now, I hated the one analogue stick on the psp but this new one could definitely blow the competition out of the water. That is until microsoft copies the idea n releases its own version.

  • aquaman22

    I see you’re a BEYOND listener daddy (lol). I just hope that those sticks are durable and not delicate, because i heavily use mine on the dualshock. I understand its different and NGP is probably more delicate but still, just a thought i guess. I’m still nerveous about their pricing. Don’t get greedy Sony, stay true!!!

  • Thatruth86

    hmmm nice that the NGP looks sexy n sleek i want to get my hands on it which im not the only1 lol… dual analog is awesome so better be good but would if there are those with big fingers n button mashers . lets see how long these analogs last which i know they be selling replaceable ones

    • aquaman22

      @ truth, I hope because if not it will probably be a “fail” because they’re probably going to charge you an arm and a leg to replace the little plastic knob. Maybe Madkatz will make some sort of cover for it. Aqua Out!!!

  • jbg0623

    damn straight they’re the best ever, the DS sucks and the original PSP had a good swivel pad thing but there was only one of em.


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