The Division Patch 1.4 Will Examine Difficulty Scaling, Promises Better Loot

Massive working to improve the end-game experience.

Posted By | On 10th, Sep. 2016 Under News

Tom Clancy's The Division

Remember Tom Clancy’s The Division, the so-called “Destiny killer” that pretty much faded away over the past few months? Ubisoft Massive has been working hard to re-balance and re-adjust the game in the wake of player complaints with the upcoming patch 1.4. A release date is still a ways off (October is the current goal) but some of the main facets of the patch were discussed in the latest State of the Game.

Currently, enemies in post-game activities have health pools that are way too high, thus throwing off the balance between RPG and shooter. Patch 1.4 will reduce enemy HP quite significantly but also balance player abilities and skills to preserve some challenge. The developer is currently looking to go back to the level 1-30 experience and offer players the chance to feel powerful again.

Difficulty scaling will also be more natural as the system is redesigned and Massive promising that solo players will be able to do something to progress, even it may take longer than playing in a group. Better quality loot with less weighting will also be a thing though Massive wants to allow players to focus on a specific gear set and farm for the same when possible. Essentially, finding the loot desire will become easier.

There’s a lot more to get into and the most specific changes will be revealed through a special State of the Game on September 13th at 7 PM CEST/1 PM EDT/10 AM PDT. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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  • lagann

    The core gameplay was just too simple to hold gamers interest after the newness wore off.

    Combine that with them nerfing crafted gear and having no real pvp modes…. which then reminds me of when The Division fanboys insulted everyone who was calling for actual pvp modes, now I get to laugh in their face at what an utter failure the dark zone was.

    • Myrabwiggins3

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    • Dracongard .

      You should see how toxic they are on having a pvp only dark zone and a pve only. They keep saying itll destroy the game. It was more funny when someone posted on how the Rogues just wont have easy targets anymore.

    • lagann

      It’s funny because having separate PvP and PvE dark zones would have probably saved the game.

    • Dracongard .

      Yeah its because the cheap shot pvp players wont get free kills anymore. They actually have to work like the best rogues to get kills.


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