The Division PC Not Held Back, Developed From the Ground Up

Ubisoft rebukes recent comments by development team member.

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The Division

Yesterday, an unnamed developer part of Tom Clancy’s The Division talked about how the PC version of the game was kept “in check” to ensure it didn’t overshadow the visuals on current gen consoles. Obviously this didn’t go over well but Ubisoft has stepped in to deny this and assert the PC version being built from the ground up.

Speaking to GameSpot, a Ubisoft rep said that, “It has come to our attention that a comment from one of our team members has been perceived by some members of the community to imply the PC version of The Division was ‘held back’ and this is simply not true.

“From the beginning, the PC version of The Division was developed from the ground up, and we’re confident players will enjoy the game and the features this version has to offer. And the feedback from PC players who participated in the recent closed beta supports this.”

We’re more likely to believe Ubisoft in this case – after all, the PC beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division was visually superior to the console versions in every way and looks the most similar to the original E3 2013 reveal.

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  • Riggybro

    In a way PC games being held in check by consoles means games can scale across more PCs so more people can access the game overall.

    If you release something that only works on 8 core 4 ghz/Pascal GPU (coming soon!) minimum then you not only knock out your console audience but also the majority of your PC gamers too.
    Instead the PC version is usually just the added bells and whistles version.

    I assume that is why companies are not releasing their “Crysis”.

    (Look what happened when Ubi tried to push the envelope with AC Unity. They reacted quickly and scaled things back for Syndicate).


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