The Division vs Destiny: Players Will Eventually Go Back To Play Destiny

That’s what Michael Pachter thinks, anyway.

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Tom Clancy's The Division

With the launch of The Division, Bungie’s Destiny finally has some AAA competition in the shared world shooter space- so far, Bungie have been able to get away with a lot of whatever they want to, because they have been the only game of their kind in town, but The Division‘s launch changes that- especially since the game has hit the ground running, and has been praised all around. It seems to have avoided most of the mistakes that Bungie made with Destiny for so long.

The question then, is, does The Division pose a threat to Destiny? Could Destiny actually lose players to The Division? According to industry analyst Michael Pachter, the answer is surprisingly no- Pachter believes players will keep returning to Destiny, in the end.

“It’s a similar game experience, it’s intended to fill that void. But the problem for Ubisoft I think is that Bungie kind of invented multiplayer, and Ubisoft has never had any successful long lived multiplayer games. So if Bungie can’t keep their gamers happy, what’s gonna happen to The Division players when Bungie does come up with a Destiny expansion?”

“Will everybody switch back? I’m guessing yes. So who cares if there’s a temporary dip? I still think people will go back. If you can suddenly get 5 levels higher, and get all sorts of new weapons and dance on people’s graves, I think will go right back to Destiny,” Pachter said, before adding that players will in the end return to Destiny as long as Bungie “keeps it engaging.”

On this, I am not sure how much I believe them- especially since, in the month since The Division‘s launch, Ubisoft have shown that they seem to gave a much better handle on handling an MMO, with some exceptional post launch support, while Destiny, after the admittedly great Taken King, seems to be getting worse about content drops- so maybe the threat is there, and over the long term, not short term, like Pachter believes.

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  • joseph e

    Eventually, I went right back. The division is boring, I have played it a couple times and just can”t get into it. I’d rather play destiny pvp or PVZ:GW2

    • Guy Montag

      That’s a shame. The Dark Zone is what the division is really about. If you haven’t played in it, you haven’t played the division.

  • lagann

    It’s a different experience. The only similar thing between the two is that they both have some mmo elements.

    You can’t just make blanket statements like “everyone” will switch back because like it or not, Destiny has lost players for good or bad to The Division forever.

    It also doesn’t help that Bungie have made a disaster out of Destiny. Having to buy almost full priced “expansions” to even be able to keep playing the game is ridiculous….It’s not even a real mmo. I’m sure they have lost many players, like me, with the business practices they have done with Destiny.

    As for The Division, so far, it seems like they are making the right moves. It’s a little light on the content side, if not counting DZ, but they are releasing more content in the future. The game is still too soon in it’s infancy too tell how its gonna go.

    • Guy Montag

      I stopped playing Destiny when the first few expansions had no new areas or planets. Just adding a few guns and charging a ton of cash is not an “expansion.”

  • John Richardson

    The division gets boring very quick. I’m not sure why but the missions and DZ just to samey to quick. So does Destiny but it just seems to last longer before your bored. Ill be interested to see what incursion delivers but I have a suspicion it will just be more of the same but just harder.

    Was fun for a little while though and I got my money’s worth pretty much. Not sure yet if it was a good decision to buy the game with the season pass though….

  • Mr Xrat

    None of us saw this coming from yet another soulless loot grind. Oh well.

  • Guy Montag

    Bungie can’t even figure out that a mmo gane needs voice chat with people nearby, or decent matchmaking capabilities across all game types. These problems have been there since launch and remain unfixed. Meanwhile, The Division launched with them.

    Surprise Bungie,… MMO games need to be built to help people play together…

    If I have to open a browser to find games and matchmake, something is wrong.

  • Alistein

    Bungie and Activision will have to come up with something really big to get players back that said I think they are going to have more competition as time goes in this genre. I know the Ninja Theory (heavenly sword developers) were initially developing a similar game but the publisher decided not to go up against bungie then, now might be different. Then there is E3 where you could get announcements of similar games from competing publishers like EA, Rockstar and Bethesda. MS has also got crackdown 3 which is certain to be huge if the 100% destructible city is achieved, gamers will flock to it like flies. Who knows MS could also announce their own mmo like game like the rumored Halo online.
    In the end this might be as far as Destiny can go. It certainly unlocked this genre for consoles but others might be the ones to push it to it’s destination.


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