The Division’s Update 1.1 Nerfs Crafting (And Not In A Good Way)

Why, Massive, why?

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Tom Clancy's The Division

Patch notes for update 1.1 of Tom Clancy’s The Division are now available. This is the update due for April 12th that will introduce Incursions into the game along with several other features. For those wondering, this update will increase Phoenix Credits for Named Foes slain, fix the High-End backpack glitch and much more (which we’ll cover separately).

However, the changes to crafting are what’s got us irked. In The Division, many of the best weapons are earned through crafting High-End Blueprints. Sure you may get lucky with a drop here and there but the Blueprints allow for different perks, some which are invaluable for Challenging Mode missions. These Blueprints need materials and there was already a hue and cry over the limited amount of High-End Division Tech you needed for some Blueprints.

Well, it now seems that normal High-End items have also been affected. This is because you now need 10 Green materials for crafting 1 Blue material. 15 Blue materials are needed to craft 1 High-End material. And if you want a level 31 High-End Gold item, you’ll need 10 Gold materials. What’s more, deconstructing Green and Blue items now yields 1 material instead of 2.

To understand why this change is horrible, a Reddit user did the math. “Currently it costs 40 blue mats to create 1 High End item (20 purple items) Their proposed system increases it to 150 blue mats per 1 High End craft (75 purple items).”

That means a LOT more grinding than before and as pointed out, unless High-End drops are significantly increased, this is bad, bad, bad. You would need to extract 2.5 full tabs of Purple items, that too of the right type, to get the materials for ONE High-End item.

What are your thoughts on this proposed change to crafting? Let us know in the comments.

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  • theduckofdeath

    This is checkmate. I’m defeated and moving on. The backpack glitch destroyed some of my items (bad, but survivable), then locked me out of my account. Ubisoft claims a fix MIGHT come with the patch on 4/12. So I lose 8 potential nights to play at my leisure, mats, Phoenix credits, reasonable crafting. Then IF I can log on again, the mat grind becomes 3x worse.

    The only way to make it reasonable is to hike up drop rates and drop quality in the DZ, raise or remove the DZ stash limit from 30, and add a woodchipper option — whatever gets extracted can be set for auto deconstruct. Trekking back to a light zone safehouse every 30 items or having to leave stuff behind will be a massive nuisance.


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