The Elder Scrolls 6 or Skyrim 2: Bethesda Should Improve Property Management

This could make the upcoming game that much better.

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While we don’t yet know that Bethesda is actually making a Skyrim 2 or Elder Scrolls 6, it just makes sense that the company is working or will soon be working on that project in the near future. That’s why we’ve worked hard to come up with features Bethesda should make sure to include if they do eventually put a new game out.

One of the things that the game can build off of is the success of what the company has done when it comes to Fallout 4. Last week we talked about the need for the game to have its encumbrances removed in order to make the game that much better and more fun when it comes to collecting items. Along those same lines, Bethesda needs to take a long hard look  at how they work in property management in this new game.

The property management in Elder Scrolls and Skyrim have never been all that intriguing and making this feature a priority in the new game will make it that much better. There are a number of steps they can take, including allowing you to better outfit your property, perhaps with things that have an actual outcome on the game. Building a dwelling up in size and scope would be another way to go. Heck, they can even learn from Fallout 4’s settlements and take it a step above with even more customization variables and options. Skyrim had a decent property management wherein you can buy houses and store items, dead bodies and more in it but the next game really needs to be an all together different level.

However they do it, Bethesda needs to do a better job of property management in the future.

This article is part of our weekly series on Bethesda’s next big entry into the world of The Elder Scrolls. Through this series we take a look at the possible new features that Bethesda can add into the next The Elder Scrolls game, based on what they implemented in the previous entries and player feedback.

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  • leanton31

    And a new graphics engine is surely needed.

    • d0x360

      Its not the graphics engine its the ENTIRE engine that needs replacing. Gamebryo is garbage. They can call it the creation engine all day long anyone with any sense knows its gamebryo and its responsible for basically all the flaws that have existed since morrowind. Bad visuals and animation, bad load times, wonky controls, terrible ai, bad menus and massive amounts of bugs.

      The only downside to them moving to a new engine is mod support. Mods are the one thing…the only thing gamebryo does correctly.

  • d0x360

    Oh Christ here we go. Instead of 3 years of weekly fallout articles that are nothing but clickbait speculation we can move on to…skyrim 2? What on earth would make you ever think they would make a skyrim 2?

    • Betty Factor

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  • Lingering Trees

    Skyrim 2? What are you smoking to think that such a thing would ever exist? The Elder Scrolls is a series in and of it self….

    That aside, features they need to put in would be ones they’ve taken out over the years… new features could be a nice plus… but the games are becoming less of a RPG title, and more of an action game. Let’s be clear, they were never pure RPGs, but the role playing element is nearly gone at this point. I think a very major thing they need to do before even starting work on TES VI, is going back and playing their older games. Get a feel for what they were like, and incorporate some of the better features they have left out of the latest title.

    Also, encumbrance is in there to make you think. It makes you stratagize before you go on long treks. You can’t take everything with you, so you need to take only what you will really need, in order to optimize looting. If they removed it, that’d be one more mistake they make….

    Just my opinion. I don’t give a crap about graphics, I want content and freedom, and RP elements. I have my own personal list of things I want in the game, if anyone cares to know.

  • Devin Lowe

    The Elder Scrolls VI (6) is most definitely happening. It’s not as far away from us now as most would like to think.

    “Skyrim 2” is NEVER happening, though.

  • Aquineas

    I have a hard time seeing Elder Scrolls VI as being less than two, if not three, years out. It takes a longgg time to fill a game that large with content, even if you don’t add new features, which they will almost certainly do.


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