The Elder Scrolls 6 or Skyrim 2: Making Class Specific Unique Powers Better

Class specific powers seem like something this series could get exactly right.

Posted By | On 29th, Nov. 2015 Under News

While there aren’t any concrete statements that there is actually going to be an Elder Scrolls 6 or a Skyrim 2 there are a couple of things that we think should be in the game if and when it should come. We’ve already talked about some of the other things that are going to be in this upcoming game as well as when the title should actually launch. Because we think the game won’t be launching for at least a couple of years, Bethesda will have plenty of time to get things exactly right.

One feature the game needs that would make it that much better would be the class specific unique powers. With potential improvements, the game would have the ability to offer characters that players could actually find themselves wanting to step into. They would also find themselves working hard to advance their character in order to better master the skills that are on offer. Of course, this has been done in the past but it will be interesting to see how Bethesda takes it to the next level.

The Elder Scrolls 6 could take this to a whole other level, because of the groundwork that has already been laid in the fantasy series. That kind of improvement to the game could be a feature that really puts it over the top when it comes to getting people excited for the next game.

This article is part of our weekly series on Bethesda’s next big entry into the world of The Elder Scrolls. Through this series we take a look at the possible new features that Bethesda can add into the next The Elder Scrolls game, based on what they implemented in the previous entries and player feedback.

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  • Donald V Taylor Jr.

    There will be no Skyrim 2!

  • Sarah Brush

    Where is this “Skyrim 2” stuff coming from? I’ve seen nothing but random speculation (why *would* there be a Skyrim 2? Even if they decide to pick up chronologically right after Skyrim, there’s absolutely zero reason for it take place in a land they just built and we just explored).

    Anyway, it might be nice to add the equivalent of skill trees for different class-specific perks, but I would not want to be locked into a class again. I loved the flexibility of Skyrim’s system – there was nothing more frustrating than making a character in Oblivion and realizing all the skills I wanted to utilize would not count toward my character’s progression. Having skill trees for assassins, thieves, mages, etc. might be cool, but I question the need for it. The perks already covered an awful lot of ground and at some point, there’s just too much. I would rather have a simple and functional system, and see them put some effort into making the combat less clunky (especially when it comes to fusing the magic and melee together – that was a nightmare in Skyrim).

    • Donald V Taylor Jr.

      I think the author of these regular tiny articles probably thinks “Skyrim 2” makes more effective click bait then “Elder Scrolls 6” even though it’s not even a rumor and zero % chance of actually being called that.

  • PhantomTr33

    Some of those were reaching and just plain nitpicky. I never needed a reason to go exploring than the fact of wanting to explore. Why should I be rewarded for traipsing around the map finding dungeons, enemies, or quests? So silly…

  • Myopinion

    For the love of God enough of this skyrim 2 bullshit skyrim was the 5th entry in the franchise calling the next elder scrolls game syrim 2 is just as annoying as when the elder scrolls online released and people were calling it skyrim online

  • Kevin Mullen

    Dark Dungeons that force the characters to compromise. So, no Duel Wielding unless you don’t want to see what’s happening. Force the players to wield a single weapon and a torch or cast magical light spell. Make dungeon delving a scary experience.


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