The Elder Scrolls Online’s Next Big Dungeon Revealed

The veteran dungeon will be Crypt of Hearts, coming in the next update.

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The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is still yet to receive its first content update with Craglorn but the next veteran dungeon – Crypt of Hearts – has already been confirmed.

Creative director Paul Sage revealed the same in a conversation with IGN. Speaking about the release schedule for the Craglorn update, Sage said, “I think we’re still at the tail-end of six weeks. I could be wrong there, it’s all a blur! But we’re either in the sixth week or the seventh with this update and I believe our next update is fairly on schedule.

“When we released we talked about our plans rather than ‘this is exactly what it’s going to be’ – we’re generally pretty careful about the language. I think any plan like that can be disrupted if something unforeseen happens. But right now we have the second update lined up and ready to go onto the PTS [Public Test Server] once we launch Craglorn, and that’s coming soon. That’ll be the Veteran Dungeon, Crypt of Hearts.”

Interestingly, Crypt of Hearts already exists within the MMORPG. What will the second update do to expand on this? Stay tuned for more information.

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  • mmodev

    To anyone thinking of purchasing the game or subscribing. Go check the
    official ESO forums first (the Customer Support forum specifically) and
    make sure you’re aware of the status of the many problems the game has
    had (and is likely to still have).

    The game was released without any noticeable server-side anti-cheat mechanisms, there have been bots noclipping, flying and speedhacking all over the place. Players have found it near impossible to get mats in starting zones because of it and found their experience ruined by the sheer amount of blatant exploitation going on.

    In PVP now, there are even cases of players rising up through the ground inside forts in Cyrodil, capturing Elder Scrolls without having to actually invade the fort.

    It’s ridiculous and doesn’t seem to be the major priority to ZOS that it clearly should be. There are more issues I could raise but for many the failure to protect the integrity of the game world and it’s economy is a red flag to any experienced MMO gamer.

    Also, be warned, especially if in Europe… Zenimax’s payment system for ESO’s subscriptions has been causing
    customers to have money locked up in their bank accounts, failing to be
    processed resulting in players losing money temporarily while receiving
    no game time. – This problem has affected multiple banks, multiple cards
    and even PayPal payment and ZOS have failed to resolve it in 9+ days.

    To be clear… I’m no ESO-hater… I had very high hopes for this game… I’m just very disappointed to see anti-cheat mechanisms being added after launch to an MMO released on PC… it was just asking for trouble!

    Good luck to Zenimax, I hope they can fix the problems soon.


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