The Farm 51’s Get Even to Utilize Granite SDK

Graphine’s texture streaming solution will power the upcoming action game.

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Graphine’s texture streaming middleware Granite will be used in The Farm 51’s Get Even, it’s upcoming first person action game for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It will be used to render the game’s high resolution textures while maximizing efficiency.

Development director for The Farm 51 Wojciech Pazdur stated that, “Graphine’s texture streaming system, Granite, helps to solve the issues that accompany huge amounts of scanned data. With Graphine’s help, we’ll be able to create pixel perfect graphics in Get Even.”

Graphine CEO and co-founder Aljosha Demeulemeester further added that, “Photogrammetry, and 3D scanning in general, allows game developers to create high quality game assets that have the uniqueness and level of detail only found in the real world. Our Granite SDK is aimed at solving the technical problems you encounter when using these large amounts of texture data in a real-time 3D application. It’s a perfect match.”

Get Even will be out in 2015. Stay tuned for more information.

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  • Mark

    Oh boy. I am now heading to GraphineSoft’s website to find out more. The revolution in software known as Tiled Textures/Partial Resident! Starts in 2015, per GraphineSoft. Thing is, we have to wait n see how great (or not) this will be, but based on my Q and A with GraphineSoft on Ytube, it should allow on scene, what couldn’t be done otherwise at steady frame rates, real time rendering. Check out the Q and A in my next post.

  • Mark

    My short Q and A with GraphineSoft on their Youtube channel.

    “Another question. What would say, on average, that the average Xbox One or PS4 game shows on screen at a time, or every second. 2 gigabytes, or 3 gigs per second? My question is, can a developer show tons of more data/detail on screen at a second because of this software? Can u throw me a number in terms of GBs of data per second hypothetically, compared to what I’m seeing now in a game like Call of Duty? Or am I missing something? Lol. Thank u”.


    “9 months ago

    Hi Mark, thanks for your question.
    The exact numbers are very application specific but we estimate that – using the Granite SDK – game developers can use about 4 TIMES the amount of unique texture data per scene compared to a coarse streaming approach.
    Game developers can choose to use these extra resources to upscale all the textures which results in ‘sharper’ final renders. Or they can add more different textures that add more unique details to the world”.

  • Mark

    And check this DX11.3 version of Tiled Resources out, called VTR or Volume Tiled Resources (Voxel based). Slide from Microsoft and Nvidia.


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