The Guitar Hero Franchise Has Seen Its End

Posted By | On 10th, Feb. 2011 Under Industry News, News

That’s right after many Guitar Hero titles being released, Activision has driven the franchise into the ground and has now chosen to shutdown the Guitar Hero business.  With Activision trying to get as much out of the franchise as possible releasing as many games a year as they could added with the competition of the Rockband franchise, Guitar Hero which started it all is no more.  Along with the franchise, 7 Studios has also been closed down which was acquired by Activision in 2009 working on the DJ Hero titles.  Lawsuits have been made and it is a big but inevitable mess.  Next will be the Call of Duty franchise if I had to guess with now three different developers working on that franchise.  This has also lead to the discontinued support for any future DLC for Guitar Hero and DJ Hero after February.

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  • Rival_31

    I honestly liked Guitar Hero a bit.
    But not enough for them to keep milking it like COD.
    Now they should stop COD as well…

  • Thatruth86

    Finally thank God !!

  • mobius1

    Its rather hard to compete with Rock Band considering the people who work on Rock Band used to work on the first Guitar Hero games.

  • dh4645

    that is kinda sad. i remember when people thought i was a crazy nerd for buying GH1. i switched to rock band when that originally came out. have 600+ songs now

    • noxtics

      honestly the idea for this is a great one and it did a lot for gaming …if handled differently i don’t think that the series would have ended this way.

    • Thatruth86

      Basically in think in my opinion these games where just for record labels to sell their music and im sure they sold big and made dough for it . It had to end sometime though for the next generation ..

  • Bone_Apart216

    Let’s be honest here, this game blew.
    I only played it when drunk and sloppy with some friends. Other than that, the guitar made my room look like it was a 5 year old’s.
    Good riddance.
    I’ll stop seeing those freaky DJ Hero commercials too, some chick blows her freckles all over a guy, wtf?

  • noxtics

    i think these games were great for the market that enjoyed them it’s a shame that a great idea like this just got bought a big studio and then closed down because of their poor management.

    Really this could have kept going and spawned into other cool ideas down the road if it hadn’t been milked so bad.

  • aquaman22

    Funny how they chose to close up shop on Guitar hero and DJ hero, but guess what, ANOTHER call of duty study just sprung up!! LOL these people are pathetic. So this ‘New” studio will be sole responsible for DLC content. I find this extraordanery. I still play guitar hero and i’ve actually recently purchased a song by nickelback. I love me some nickelback, Song is called Because of YOu. Aqua Out


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