The Last of Us Part 2 Developers Explain Ellie’s Tattoo

But we still don’t know the in game expanation.

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One of the best parts of The Last of Us Part 2‘s debut trailer at the PlayStation Experience was seeing how Ellie had grown since the previous game’s ending. And while it was heartbreaking to see the once innocent girl now turned into a presumably murderous psychopath, there was also a thrill to seeing the character’s growth.

Physically, too, Ellie’s growth and transformation was remarkable, epitomized perhaps best by the tattoo on her arm. And speaking on Twitter, Naughty Dog revealed how the tattoo had been created, revealing that artist Natalie Hall had designed the tattoo, and that Alexandria Neonakis, who is a UI artist at Naughty Dog, kindly lent her arm as practicing grounds while the design was being perfected.

So that’s interesting to find out. I wonder what the explanation for Ellie’s tattoo will be in game? It’ll be interesting to find out, but that is a ways off, given that The Last of Us Part 2 is currently very early in development.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    My guess: that’s something she got from joining the Fireflies since they came after her and Joel and they had turned on them – possibly killing Tommy and everyone back in Wyoming among other tragedies that happened and now Ellie wants to finish them. They’re most likely hiding in Firefly territory in the trailer with Ellie having taken out the Fireflies at that base and Joel finally finding her with the aftermath of her rampant psychopathic tendencies lying in wait for him as he walked in. Hence why he said “What are you doing kiddo? You really wanna go through with this?”

    Because she’s set on revenge and he’s gonna die soon, for reasons unknown still, so now he’s following along with her on her journey, as not only will it open up more about who the Fireflies are, but also who Joel and Ellie are, and how possibly from even before she was born, their fates were intertwined, and how they’ll have to part soon enough because the burden will become too much for Joel after keeping her alive for so long, forlorn by the path she’s taken, a similar path that Tess took that got her killed, which may bring her also back into the story with Joel maybe playing him in flashbacks whereas the first game was just them switching back and forth in the present. AGAIN: I’m probably wrong, but we shall see. This game will be….much darker than the first one. But I’m ready for it. Bring it on Neil Druckmann, nothing I can’t handle.

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    • Dougdec92

      That’s one clever theory

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Yeah it honestly didn’t take long to think up that much after analyzing some details including what was said at PSX. It’d be a nice contrast especially since now that they’re both older showing flashbacks can be a way to reflect growth in their character. It’ll add more depth than was possible in first game as first game was mainly their origin story now we can see how that growth has changed them and what they look back on.

      And Tess clearly was very important to Joel so perhaps we may even see Tommy show up also and have it turn out they all knew each other even growing up and not just him with Bill and Tess, since Bill most likely is still alive in the second game also. But that remains to be seen, even if Naughty Dog does have a history of recurring characters in their franchises or so. Thing is idk how that measures up to others’ theories though many already have other plausible ideas of what happened

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