The NGP won’t be too pricey promises Sony VP

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Sony have had a bit of trouble with pricing their systems this generation, with the PSP and PS3 costing much more than their competitors at launch.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe VP, Jim Ryan, has implied that the company has since learned from their mistakes. Ryan has said that the upcoming handled, NGP, will be “affordable.”

The Sony exec stated that company intend to keep the price down to develop a broader audience. “Sony’s ambitions when it comes to installed base are considerable, so we’re not talking about the ultra-rich”.

The PSP lost a lot of favour based on its high price tag, so we can only hope that the NGP will paint a different picture.

Thanks to CVG for the info.

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  • DirectingChaos

    One thing they need to resolve is charging the same figure in the UK as USA, what I mean is charging $300 for a console in the states and then charging £300 when it comes out in Britain. Why should UK gamers have to pay so much more than Americans for the same product???

    • cornbiscuit

      You have a good point, isn’t the pound a bit stronger then the USD? quite strange.

    • DirectingChaos

      If you converted it the other way using today’s exchange rate $300 would be £185.13, this is something that has annoyed me for years because it effects most modern tech (I know I pods were the same when they first came out) plus the United States get the price drop before the UK (happened with the PS3, 360 and PSP just to name a few). I would love to find out why this policy was put in place as it seams like they just think the UK market will pay more and put more money in their pockets.

  • aquaman22

    Hey Chaos how much is 300 pounds in U.S dollars dude?? Do you think it has to do with bringing an american or asian made product over to the UK like customs pay for customs or something??

  • DirectingChaos

    That a good point I have never converted it back to US currency, it would be $484.74 which is some mark up. I can’t see it being to do with customs as they are all produced in Asia are they not, so that would equally apply to the USA as it would with the UK.

  • jbg0623

    200 – 250 is the updated price I belieive and I hope they stick to that because that will definitely get alot of people on board with the NGP. I for one will be snatching one of these out of some middle aged mother of three’s claws come opening day. Sorry moms but I gots needs and your kids just want.


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