The Order: 1886 Dev Wanted “Something New” With Cinematics

Creative director Ru Weesuriya talks about the studio’s approach to seamless cinematics.

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The Order 1886

If you’ve seen even a bit of Ready At Dawn’s The Order: 1886, you’ll notice that there the black bars remain throughout the game, in both gameplay and cinematics. Resolution choice aside, it represents the studio’s desire to have both aspects blend in seamlessly with each other.

As creative director Ru Weerasuriya told GameTrailers (transcription via GameSpot), “We took the risk of trying to do something that was different, but the reality of it is that it is part of the game, and one of the big things we want to tackle with this game.

“That kind of seamless-ness, that constant question that you have of whether or not what you’re looking at is a cinematic or are you playing the game.”

It’ll be worth noting if this approach works or not. “We put it out there and see what people say, but for us it was important that as the next-generation was here to do something different not to just give people what they expected; not to just say, ‘Hey, here’s every game you’ve seen until now and we’re just giving you a re-hash. We wanted something new.”

The Order: 1886 is out on February 20th. What are your thoughts with the visual design thus far? Let us know in the comments.

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  • d0x360

    Why are these guys always making excuses? 30 fps is more cinematic.. And now this. Its obvious that the bars are there to cut effective resolution. The less pixels being rendered the better performance. Chances are very very high without these bars the game would be running around 15-20 fps

    Devs need to stop acting like gamers are fools and be up front. We don’t care if you have to do something a certain way to get stable performance as long as you are honest about it.

    • kma99

      Well gamers are fooled. I can link you an argument i was having over the same issue. Till this day they are still claiming the gamr is 1080p without accounting for the black bars that just take up space.

    • d0x360

      Well those are the fanboys, they aren’t gamers they are fools and despite being incredibly vocal and persistent they are the minority. They also probably don’t believe it but they will defend it incessantly no matter what dumb it makes them look.

    • jayflow

      Best explanation I’ve seen of it. Take it for what its worth:

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Which is 1080pr as the lighting steps show it’s well below 1080P and hitting the pixel range of 830P

      Speaks to how pathetic this gen is where PR is easily trotted out as “Proof” when we know the console companies make embellishments.

    • kma99

      Back to damage control for sony again.

    • jayflow

      Hey my favorite troll. I see you’re back to trolling Sony articles again, lol. But any way, didn’t say I agreed with the explanation cause I’m not an expert on the subject. I understand that the horizontal portion is 1920, but the vertical portion is 800p due to the letter boxing. I always wondered how could a blu ray still be considered 1080p if there was letter boxing. So I’m also wondering how this, The Order 1886, could still be considered 1080p.

    • kma99

      No one is trolling you are just lying to yourself. Please master sony may i have another. You take what they spoon feed you and you love it. I can make a game in a little box dead center of your screen and add big black boxes and claim 1080p and you would fall foe it every time

    • jayflow

      ROFLMAO! I see you still didn’t get help for your reading comprehension! Dude I just agreed with you and said that the vertical portion is 800p. Do you like trying to pick an argument/debate with me? Do I have you mind*ucked that bad, lol?

    • kma99

      No im not mind %=|_ i do this for fun when life doesn’t have me occupied. Its nothing personal against any game company its just these tired fanboys with the failure to see logic with anything that has to do with another company that they dont prefer or their favorite company’s bull.

    • jayflow

      Well sounds like you’re taking the internet too serious dude. Like I’ve said before I enjoy both Sony and MS. Nintendo…I think I’ve out grown them. They just don’t appeal to me any more. But all three company’s have their BS though. I could care less what any fanboy thinks. They don’t pay my bills or buy my games for me. I play what I like and buy wth I want!

    • kma99

      No i really don’t. These companies dont give a crap so why should i bandwagon them? I just like to call out most idiots with their half truths

  • HisDivineOrder

    They put the bars in to cut the resolution of the game down to render better graphics with the additional resources they saved. They can stop with the BS.

    Otherwise, we’ll have people wanting wider-than-widescreen at which point someone will put bars on THAT resolution and make the game even slimmer until eventually all we’ll have is a giant blob of black and one horizontal line 1-pixel wide.

    Well, maybe not, but it’s a stupid trend regardless and I don’t want anyone else doing it because it’s just wasting a huge chunk of my already stupidly short (vertically) display. 16:9 was always inferior to 16:10 and going less than either is just plain insane.

    • Mark

      Agreed man. Wish they’d give the option for widescreen.

  • Mark

    They really should give the players an option imo. I simply don’t like black bars taking up space, in movies and in games. There were people asking about this option on RAD’s twitter, but sounds like no. Oh well. If this was in Ryse, it woulda pissed me off lol.


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