The Order: 1886 Dev Won’t Comment on Playtime

Ready At Dawn CEO does talk about the relativity between gameplay length and quality though.

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The Order 1886 (5)

Following the revelation that The Order: 1886 could be completed in roughly six hours – but only if one was rushing through the experience – Ready At Dawn CEO Ru Weerasuriya spoke to Eurogamer about the relative length of the game. Which is to say that he declined to comment on it at lal.

“At the end of the day, we’re not going to comment on it. We can’t stop people from writing the things they do. And we’re not going to jump at every single mistake that is made out there.

“Every time somebody has the wrong impression of something we made, or somebody writes the wrong thing about what we did, it would be a full-time job to be like, oh no, that’s not right. We make games. We do what we do for the players. And, ultimately, that’s where I want to leave it.”

Weerasuriya does believe that along with having longer experiences, there’s still plenty of room in the industry for games that are single player-only and offer one single run through. “To tell you the truth, that’s something we always keep in our heads. We know people want to be entertained and have things they can play longer.

“But the industry has always had diversity. You go back 10 years, there were a lot of games that were just single-player, one time play. There were some games that were single-player and you could jump back in and get more. That’s what we did in our game. You can jump back and get other things out of it.”

“Gameplay length for me is so relative to quality. It’s just like a movie. Just because a movie is three hours long, it doesn’t make it better.”

Do you agree? We’ll find out for ourselves how that works in The Order: 1886’s favour when it releases on February 20th.

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  • rodney patrick

    Don’t want to talk about length of gameplay, RED FLAG.i’ll bet my last dollar that this game is no longer then eight hours to fully if anybody think that’s a good thing you can not be more wrong.why I say that you ask,I’ll tell you 59.99plus tax for a game that long without any multi player or local co op for that matter is not worth it sorry that’s just to much money for a game that has no replay value

  • Shubhendu Singh

    Anything less than 10hours is just unacceptable.
    True, your 1hour Stanley Parable run is much more memorable than an ordinary Game’s 60hr run but then they don’t cost 60$ either.

    I love how they don’t have Multplayer crap or anything but because of this same factor it is absolutely necessary to make this a long Campaign.

  • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

    A better man than most of us has the right idea.

  • Fweds

    Can anyone else hear those warning bells ? the more I read about this game the louder they are getting.


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