The Order 1886 Isn’t Bug Free: Game Breaking Bug and Smoke Glitch Discovered

Several users have found a few glitches in Ready At Dawn’s PS4 exclusive.

Posted By | On 20th, Feb. 2015 Under News

The Order 1886

Ready At Dawn Studios’ The Order: 1886 is now available worldwide for PlayStation 4. It hasn’t exactly been receiving the best critical reception due to its short length and overall limited gameplay mechanics but for the most part, it seemingly lacks any major bugs.

Or so we thought until recently. One Youtube user discovered a very odd bug where smoke in the distance appears to be popping. This is a graphical glitch and one that could, in theory, be rectified via a patch. However, a more severe glitch has been discovered by a number of users which sees your character falling through the map and seemingly landing in a dark, textureless abyss. You can fall further through the map at this point and though it’s unclear what causes it, it’s certainly not a one-off case.

You can check both the glitches in action below. No game is perfect obviously so the odd glitch or so was to be expected. At least it’s nothing on the level of Assassin’s Creed: Unity. What are your thoughts on The Order: 1886 thus far? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Bapz05

    That “game breaking glitch” is actually an Assassins Creed easter egg the endless running references the Animus and the falling through the ground is a shout out to how broken AC Unity was ; )

    • andy

      And 5 patches later, still is. 🙂
      I guess these glitches bring the game down to a 1/5 score eh? Oh wait, that was what some morons already gave it. Why morons? The same people who gave AC Unity a 2/5, that is why morons.

  • careybernardinelli

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  • Guest

    Please tell me the first video is a joke, cuz that is not as glitch. That is what happens in tons of games, where the mip maps swap/pop in and out as you move towards them. You people cant be this stupid. Gamingbolt, you keep showing yourselves as dumber and dumber all the time. People are stoopy to new depth to try and smear this game. But if the game sells well, then the last laugh will be on all the haters.

  • Guest

    Who ever said the game was bug free? No game is. Show me one ame that has no bugs. Are you people new to gaming?

  • GotNews4Ya

    This is what happens when you drink too much BLACKWATER.

  • kreator



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