The Order: 1886’s Silent Night Trailer Wishes a Merry Christmas

In its own grim way of course.

Posted By | On 25th, Dec. 2014 Under News

In light of the holidays, many developers have taken off to celebrate and be with their families. Plenty have still left their own patented greetings for gamer though – one such greeting comes from Ready At Dawn in the form of a new trailer for its upcoming third person action adventure title The Order: 1886. Though dubbed “Silent Night”, the trailer reinforces the game’s grimy setting and supernatural war between the demons and Knights of the Round. Check it out above.

Lichens won’t be the only menace in The Order: 1886. You’ll have to content with rowdy humans as well in a city that is struggling under authoritarian rule. At least you’ll have plenty of weapons to defend yourself including tesla coils, flamethrowers, machine guns and more.

The Order: 1886 will be out on February 20th 2015 exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Are you looking forward to the game? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more information.

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  • Ariel

    Yes Ravi, I am looking forward to this beautiful game that will set the benchmark on how PS4 exclusives are supposed to look like. I really don’t like cross gen games because to much graphical excellence is sacrificed for the sake of frame rate and last gen spec ceilings that prevents the full potential of a game to shine through. There were some denouncements made of the the gameplay of The Order: 1886 which some say in on the borderline of a David Cage game with a bunch of quicktime scenarios that take you out of the game and just turns into an interactive CG cut scene and what not.

    That’s fine’ I don’t feel dejected from the possibility of them being right in some way or another but I do love how this games looks and to be alive to witness such a cinematic quality that even if this game falls flat on it’s face I know that 10 years ago this would only be a cut scene and a non playable element preserved for the stories sake to get across what you couldn’t explain through gameplay itself. I am so thankful to be alive to witness the growth of how far we have come in this era of video games that even Kiefer Sutherland noticed the jump for where we once were in terms of graphical ability when he was at the ”Video Game Awards”.

    I love where I am in life as of now because I am 31 and I have grown with this industry and to see what I am seeing today what these companies are able to do especially with the Batman Arkham Knight series and what we are soon to play as the final installment just makes me all the more appreciative that I know better is coming next year. I can’t wait to get my hands on the games that will be coming out. Merry Christmas you guys keep it pushing’ this site is going places.


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