The PlayStation Network Netted Sony More Revenue Than all of Nintendo’s FY2015 Business

Sony’s taken a commanding lead.

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FY2015 was a golden year for the PS4, with sales figures that exceeded Sony’s expectations. Now, putting those figures into perspective, it appears that Sony’s PlayStation Network alone has generated more revenue than all of Nintendo’s business last year. Nintendo’s entire FY2015 revenue came to approximately 504 billion Yen. In contrast, PSN alone generated 529 billion Yen worth of business for Sony over the same period.

Nintendo has been in a tight spot since the appalling failure of the Wii U—the firm’s slowest-selling console (Virtual Boy aside) reversed the firm’s success with the original Wii and caused Nintendo to report substantial operating losses since the console launched in 2012. Apart from brand recognition issues, a weak software lineup was said to be a key cause for the Wii U’s failure–something reports indicate Nintendo wants to change with the NX.

With the NX now slated for a 2017 launch, it remains to be seen if Nintendo’s fortunes will change, with Sony racing ahead.

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  • Michael

    Yea, but who has more to spend and whow is in the black? It’s not sony. Will you journalist stop writing this no sense. Sony is in no position to challenge anyone’s finaces. They are still posting losses.

    • Doggystyle
    • Michael

      Yea, you should 2. They need every penny they get…lol

    • Sandra Overton

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    • Mr Xrat

      Keep up, chuck. They just posted a yearly profit. 🙂

    • Michael

      Yea, sure they did…lol Still in the red though. Nothing has changed. Still losing money.

    • bewareofZ
    • kee1haul

      3================D~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    • Dotcum22

      X1 fanboys really got sour… I almost feel sorry for them


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