The Rise And Rise of The PlayStation 3: A Look Back At The Console’s History

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The Playstation 3 has been the little engine that could of our current console generation, with criticism and a variety of heavy shake ups still not being enough to dampen the console’s appeal and massive potential. It’s been a long and winding road for Sony with the PS3, and one that we feel is worth retracing, so join us as we take a look at how the PS3 we see today has come to be.

We need to start our tale by considering the PS2. As the major driving force behind the DVD format and the most widely adopted sixth generation console in its own right, it was fairly obvious that a successor was on the cards. It was thus at E3 2005 that Sony gave us our first look at the Playstation 3, though at the time all eyes were focused on the silver design of the console and its accompanying boomerang shaped controller. Though some were baffled by the console’s bizarre aesthetics, the tech demos shown were undeniably cool, with early shots of Metal Gear Solid 4 and a Final Fantasy 7 remake demo solidifying some of the ongoing successes and requests that would later define the PS3.


Next year’s E3 brought a run down of hardware SKUs that consumers could expect, along with a general hardware alteration that removed some of the USB and HDMI ports sported on the initial system. Despite these cut backs, fans were still concerned by the system’s price. Expecting to debut in America at no less than $499, it seemed like the PS3 was going to be more of a long term investment than your usual games console. The questionable pricing strategy wasn’t helped by Ken Kutaragi’s now infamously outlandish statements, though we won’t get into that affair for sake of brevity. The start for the system became rockier as well, with components required for the Blu-ray drive proving scarce in PAL regions. This forced Sony to delay the system’s launch in PAL territories by a massive six months, which proved just too long for the more impatient fans. By the time system launched worldwide, it was subject to a mixed reception. Many felt baffled by the price and lack of quality launch titles, but few could argue against the system’s incredible Blu-ray playback and stunning hardware.

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  • m

    “he feature was retroactively removed from older PS3s by a mandatory system update. This alone was cause for irritation, with many members of the gaming community feeling disgruntled that they were losing a feature they had already paid for. ”

    Gamers didn’t use that feature. Homebrew developers and pirates did.

  • You absolute IDIOT!!! geohot did not use otheros to unlock the ps3. that was done by a very stupid code written by sony . a mistake i doubt any school going kid wouldnt do!! And @m, linux was and still is a very useful feature. o yea. the newer ps3’s they dont have ps2 support. why? because sony disabled it on purpose so you would be forced to buy their “hd upgrades”. the files are still there in your ps3!! ps2emu.self google it if you want!! As a homebrew user, i can personally state that the ps3 is an incredible device unlocked. just the sheer volume and awesomeness of the homebrew features is there toi see. and in their new tos, you arent allowed to sue them if they cause any damage to you!! and im sure morons like you must have even accepted the tos!! im sure you all are feeling sorry that you are still standing by a demon like $ony.

  • And i think you manged to completely leave out the involvement of failOverflow!! I mean seriously . way to suck to sony. wonder how much sony pays the site owners to publish this pro sony crap!! i mean gamespot is ridiculously pro microsoft, this site is ridiculously pro sony!! no journalistic credibility!!


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