The Worst Console Launches In Video Games History

Brace yourselves for the torturous memories.

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Video gaming has been around for quite some time now. So have been video game consoles that have given us all those good times and brilliant characters. But in all three 3 decades if their existence, it’s not that always good that has come out of it. With every good console that hit the market and was acclaimed, there were half a dozen that probably still rot in the sewage drain outside of your home. Now, only Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are considered i the race of consoles. But it’s hard to forget the days when Atari, Sega and a bunch of others had their way and were vying for the best places in the market with teeth to teeth competition.

Now those times bring good memories. But they bring the horror of the time too. Consoles that just didn’t have, consoles which were unlucky and consoles which were etched in our memories forever to haunt us till eternity. Consoles whose burning was too vile to even witness. We are here to revisit those days and refresh the memories because every generation must learn what the last went through to come to what it has now. Many of us were fortunate enough to be not birthed during the worst of times. What better a way to tell the legend to them?

PlayStation 3

Ps 3? It’s a damn good console, eh? Well, let’s start with the less painful of the lot. The Ps3 became a very successful console but it wasn’t really the case when Sony rolled out with this one in the market. The console carried on the legacy of the Ps 2 quite like a king turned destitute. It came with jarring price tag of $600.

That would have been compensated for with other things if only those other things existed. The console’s games line-up was insipid and drab. Considering that it was succeeding the legacy that the Playstation 2 had created in the years prior, it was a technological faux pas. But Sony amended its ways. And we’ve seen a lot worse.

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  • Mikesims Sims

    Sega Genesis? Really? How about the Apple Pippin?

  • You are flat out wrong

    There appears to be a glaring omission here by a console rhyming with Eggs Zone.

  • Chris

    you really need to work on your grammar and spelling, always proof read your own article before submitting, half the time i was reading this, all i could think about was “Really, this site must be broke and busted if they cant afford someone to read this guys article first for spelling errors”………..If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, remember that>>>you got potential kid

  • Andre Reichenbacher

    I remember going to Toys R Us in 1995 for a SGEN Game Genie (I still have it) thye same week the Saturn came out. $400. I wasn’t interested. I at least thought it had cool looking and feeling controllers. I’ll take the Saturn controllers any day over the Dreamcast ones!

  • A Nun Oh Moose

    How about the Nokia N-Gage? I know It was a cell phone too but come on…it had cartridges you could buy and lord almighty was it GARBAGE!


    Sega Genesis is a great console, I can’t believe you disregard it completely.
    Also you have so many grammatical errors its ridiculous.

  • Kamille

    14 pages? Lol no.

  • ThatArtGuy

    Intellivision was made by Mattel, not Atari

  • bigevilworldwide

    Ummmmm How exactly is the N64 not on this or any worst console launch lineups list…It literally launched with 2 games Mario64 and Pilotwings….It’s literally all it had for the first few months

  • twinspectre

    Hahahahaa wow. PS3 and Wii-U are on the list, but not X1?

    Oh, this is GamingBolt…

  • Madt

    You guys really need an editor. This is unreadable. I got as far as the Virtual Boy but had to give up trying to decipher this bizarre text.

  • Yewey

    hey intellivision was atari’s COMPETITOR, not its product.

  • Yewey

    LOL the genesis? OMFG, you guys need to stop pretending to be in the gaming business…


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