The Xbox One Is The PS3 Of This Generation

History repeats itself.

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This is a story we’ve all heard before- a console manufacturer was coming off of their second console in the market, which had been incredibly successful, and the standard of all third party game development during that generation. The console manufacturer felt like they were on top of the world, and that they could do no wrong- in the process, they completely misread the market. They put out an overpriced system, with mixed messaging largely focusing on media functionality for some reason, to the market. That, as well as the fact that their system’s architecture was challenging, leading either to poorer ports or outright loss of third party support, led to dismally low sales, and the system becoming  punchline in media and the gaming community, causing the competition to surge ahead.

Now on the backfoot, the console manufacturer took multiple measures to course correct- rapid price drops, aggressive bundles, consumer friendly policies and services, shoring up their first party to ensure a steady stream of exclusives for their system, and finally, a mid cycle refresh that completely rejuvenated sales, leading to the system becoming competitive with the competition again.

The question here is- which system am I talking about? Because the interesting thing is, that description could apply to the PlayStation 3 and to the Xbox One- the parallels between both of the systems are actually a fair bit eerie in their specificity.

ps3 slim

"The Xbox One essentially seems to be channeling the PlayStation 3 this generation."

The Xbox One essentially seems to be channeling the PlayStation 3 this generation. The parallels are interesting and immediate- both the PS3 and Xbox One are third consoles, both of them had terrible reveals, fraught with mixed messaging focusing on media, and misreading the market leading to the console being priced too high, both of them lost the kind of favor with third parties that their predecessors had known, leading to Sony and Microsoft to work extra hard to shore up their first party lineup, both saw multiple bundles and rapid fire price cuts, before a mid cycle refresh of the console came along, and revitalized sales.

The Xbox One and the PS3 were bought hindered by complicated architecture, leading to poorer versions of multiplatform games, and in some cases outright loss of third party support. Both systems began to leverage openness somewhere down their life cycles, even touting similar functionality, such as cross platform play and interactivity with the PC.

Sony deserves mad credit for how they managed to pull back with the PS3- the horrid launch of the system is now a distant memory, and the PS3, over the course of the generation, became a far more desirable system than it had been at launch, and indeed, far more desirable than the competition too. Sony’s persistent efforts at securing a steady stream of desirable content for their system, as well as their consistent consumer friendly policies and initiatives, all led to the PS3 ending the generation in style, and in a position of strength, momentum that they then leveraged smartly going into the launch of the PS4.

And yet, as much credit as Sony deserves for how they managed to pull the PS3 around, Microsoft certainly deserves credit for how they have so far managed to revive the Xbox One, too. A year ago, no one would have believed that the Xbox One would actually be the more appealing system, that its exclusive lineup would actually trump Sony’s, that Microsoft would be seen as a more consumer friendly, and open company, of all things.

Xbox One S

"A year ago, no one would have believed that the Xbox One would actually be the more appealing system, that its exclusive lineup would actually trump Sony’s, that Microsoft would be seen as a more consumer friendly, and open company, of all things."

And yet, that’s exactly what Microsoft have done. Led by Phil Spencer, they’ve maneuvered the Xbox One into being an extremely appealing proposition, indeed- starting with the introduction of compatibility for Xbox 36o games last year, to the introduction of cross platform multiplayer, to Xbox Anywhere, which is the most ambitious cross purchase program in history, to a string of great exclusives, to smart price drops, to the Xbox One S, which will probably go down as the standard of mid cycle revisions for consoles going forward, to openness in the kinds of content they allow on their system with no restrictions, to delivering extreme value at very low prices (such as with the inclusion of the UHD Blu Ray player on the Xbox One S), Microsoft have truly managed to turn the ship around, and they’ve managed to salvage their perception with the masses, too.

Hammering the point home for Microsoft is the contrast that they implicitly and passively draw against Sony. Sony won’t allow cross platform play. Sony won’t allow backwards compatibility on their system. Sony won’t even honor your previous PS Classics purchases on the PS4. Sony have constantly delayed their major exclusives, with Uncharted 4 being the only highlight of the PS4 lineup this year. The PS4 Slim is a rather cheap and underwhelming revision. Sony won’t allow mods on their systems without significant restrictions placed on the kinds of content they allow. Sony don’t have a UHD Blu Ray player on their systems, not even the high end PS4 Pro. Everything that Microsoft have done right over the last year or so, Sony have fumbled, making Microsoft look that much better by comparison.

Of course, Microsoft can’t afford to get complacent here- Sony still have the more powerful system (though the Scorpio is coming, and it may change that), and a truly formidable lineup of first and third party exclusives waiting in the wings next year (assuming they don’t get delayed… again). Microsoft still rely greatly on their core tentpole franchises, and PS4 still commands more third party support. But where the Xbox One is now, versus where it was a year ago, is a study in contrasts- and if Microsoft keep this up, if they don’t relent, then they could pull of a stunning long term recovery.

Ultimately that’s what it comes down to- the Xbox One will almost certainly never manage to pull ahead of the PS4, like the PS3 did with Xbox 360. Microsoft don’t have the brand appeal or presence in global markets that Sony do. But that’s okay- because if Microsoft continue to do things right like they have been with the Xbox One, then they could be in a position of power going forwards. And who knows, when the PS5 and the Xbox One successors are launching, the tables may be flipped, and Microsoft may have the momentum on their side.

Note: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, GamingBolt as an organization.

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  • LazyCritic

    I remember when the Xbox one was announced. MS had some wacky ideas. Which they then fumbled and reverted away from. Maybe they were ahead of their time.

    I liked the idea of being able to lend my friends the digital copies of the games that I would purchase. However, I did think back then nah… I like the disc, not paying those online prices… but Four years on, all my games are digital. What gives ah!!!

    • Luke Skywalker

      Xbox was way ahead of their time with those ideas.

    • J.j. Barrington

      And WAY behind with the limitations they added.

    • Luke Skywalker

      limitations? are you talking about the fact they had to re-make the OS and had to cut some features in order to ship on time, which they later add and then some?

    • J.j. Barrington


    • Luke Skywalker

      then what limitations are referencing?

    • J.j. Barrington

      That should be readily apparent.

    • Luke Skywalker

      if you have nothing to say then shut the helll up man. dont’ try to make a point you can’t prove, you’ll look silly bro, got it? get it? good.

    • J.j. Barrington

      It’s actually “get it? got it? good.” But since you’ve been overeager and making mistakes all over, I’ll let it slide this time.

      Now, I suppose I’ll help you out a bit, as it doesn’t seem like you’ll figure it out, otherwise. The talk was about the “wacky ideas” Microsoft had pre-launch. You said they were way ahead of their time at that point, and I said they were way behind with their limitations.

      Doesn’t it stand to reason that “limitations” would refer to those “wacky ideas?”

      For example, them determining what retailers you could sell to, how many times you could loan or trade a game, and having to “just deal with it.” The family share play they refused to flesh out until they decided not to implement it at all. A forever connected console they showed off as doing rather invasive things. And the whole idea of revealing a console and doing almost NO talking about games.

      Any of that ring a bell?

    • Luke Skywalker

      if we’re going to talk semantics then before you correct someone might as well you get it right, because your punctuations are all wrong “get it? got it. Good!” anyway, thanks for the correction, i’ll make sure to jot that down in my notes.

      the reason for specific retailers were that those retailers would have systems in place that would be able to deactivate the digital copy of the game, this would prevent people buying the game disk, converting it to digital copy on their system then go back and return the game disk for the money or selling the disk to another gamer only for that gamer to realize that the game as already been activated. that’s not a limitation, that’s a preventative measure that protects consumers and the ecosystem in the digital system.

      with a physical disk, how many times can you loan or trade it????
      trading a physical disk = 1. Once you trade something it’s gone right? so how many times do you expect to trade the same thing?
      and loaning as far as I remember there were no set number of times that you could loan a game, as a matter of fact you were allowed to loan a game up to 10 people at any one time, so you and another person could be playing the same game at the same exact time on different systems and as you know this is not possible with a physical disk because once you lend it to someone you can’t play it until they give it back to you…that’s if you remember which friend you lent it to.
      therefore, that’s not a limitation, it’s a plus.

      the “deal with it” statement was from someone who was fired immediately and they were talking about the 24 hour check that each console had to make in order to determine that the games they have installed are valid and not activated on a different system.
      you are twisting things up and changing the context of the things said in order to fill your agenda here and that’s not cool man. say the things and say them in their right context, stop trying to propagandize what was said in your biased and misleading way.

      how was family share a limitation? how was the reveal a limitation?
      oh and about that I thought they said they wanted to show the media aspects of the console differently from the gaming aspect so they separate the events in which case the reveal would focus on media stuff (FYI I did sow games at the reveal) and E3 is where they would show games in which they did showed nothing but games there.

      try again.

    • J.j. Barrington

      “if we’re going to talk semantics”

      At least know when we’re talking semantics. You were using a common phrase and got the wording wrong. That’s not an issue of semantics. Furthermore, the punctuation is fine either way: it’s a phrase spoken by one person, and inflection tends to turn the second part of the phrase into a question, as is often the case with things said in succession.

      Nice try, though.

      “with a physical disk, how many times can you loan or trade it?”

      As many times as I want. What you don’t seem to grasp is that the idea, itself, created limitations on what you could do with that game. You’d HAVE to go through a middleman(retailer) in order to trade your games, and there actually WAS a limit on the number of times you could loan it to someone else. I dunno how old you are, but loaning and borrowing games was a big thing for me and my friends growing up.

      “that’s a preventative measure”

      Well, you could have solved the issue by deactivating the digital copy on a console that isn’t the same as the console the physical copy has just been activated on. Problem solved.

      ” as a matter of fact you were allowed to loan a game up to 10 people at any one time”

      They waited until after removing that to give those details. Until then, people asked and asked for the particulars(as this is the family share plan), but Microsoft wasn’t forthcoming until they axed the program.

      “the “deal with it” statement”

      Was said by someone who was actually NOT fired immediately. They were also echoed when Microsoft said, “We have a console for those without internet. It’s called the 360.”

      “how was the reveal a limitation?”

      When has any console’s reveal EVER been about everything BUT gaming?

      “(FYI I did sow games at the reveal)”

      I’m sure you did, but I was talking about Microsoft. By the way, I DID say “almost NO talking about games.”

      Although it’s become largely about games, aren’t there far more things than JUST that at E3? In all honesty, that would have been a better place to show off the multimedia functions and discuss the entertainment deals; after all, “Entertainment” is right there in the name.

      But for a reveal? C’mon, dude.

      Also, I notice you don’t even address Kinect. Is your not mentioning it at all silent- and thus, begruding- acknowledgment that this was a legitimate problem?

    • lagann

      I think the ideas would have been fine if they hadn’t fumbled the way they messaged it so badly. I remember Xbox execs kept on dodging the questions and when they did answer, it was something different than what another Xbox exec would say…and then the answers changed what seemed like every couple of days.

      Without getting into bs consoles wars…you even read PS4 owners boasting that they’ve gone all digital this gen. So as it seems…Microsoft WAS headed in the right direction except for the small caveat that they should have allowed discs to be played just like we used to.

      It was a mistake on their part to not have the foresight that forcing consumers to act a certain way was a bad idea. The Sony fans took advantage of that, plus the fact that noooone wanted a forced Kinect, plus the fact that the PS4 was a bit more powerful than X1 at a $100 dollar difference, plus the forced Kinect made it seem like MS had moved away from the core gamer by sacrificing power in order to bundle the Kinect…all of that combined resulted in the result we have today. 2:1 difference in sales.

  • Nettrick Nowan

    As an all round piece of equipment, I get it. But when I see the Xbox One and the Xbox S still pumping out 720p games right now, the gamer in me all I can say is “meh.” I actually own the Xbox One but I find myself playing it less and less because the gaming side is shown up by the PS4.

    • Agent_Blade


    • Pedro

      This 720p thing became an undeserved stigma. If you look at all exclusives, the majority is 900p or higher. And as a true gamer you shouldn’t be so concerned about it, there’s other aspects much more important like EA Access, Elite Controller, bc, amazing features like clubs and lfg, better online network, an actual lineup every holiday season and the list goes on.

    • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Exactly! Sony is less experienced with running an gaming network and are very restrictive about what you can do on PS4. They wouldn’t allow EA Access because they deemed it ‘not a good value’, which their customers can decide for themselves. There is also the fact that they won’t allow mods that make use of external assets, which takes away 95% of all the amazing mods that gamers come to expect when playing on PC, which also happens to be the platform they claim to be competing against.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      Console players dont play games for modders.. so thats a non issue.

    • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      The amount of mods that are available for Skyrim on Xbox One doesn’t support your claim.

    • J.j. Barrington

      The number of people playing the game and using those mods does, however, support his claim.

    • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I haven’t seen those statistics yet. Could you provide me with a link?

    • J.j. Barrington

      It’s right with the stats showing the sales of the game.

      Which would be stats you’d need to support your claim. You got those?

    • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Where can I find the sales data for Skyrim Special Edition on Xbox One?

    • J.j. Barrington

      The same place you can find the data for the number of people using mods.

    • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Are you incapable of providing me with the source?

    • J.j. Barrington

      Are YOU incapable of the same for your claim? Or, for that matter, more than basic comprehension of the language you’re using?

    • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Xbox One (1444):
      PC (1190):
      PS4 (951):

      I’ve proved that there are tons of mods available for Xbox One, now where is that sales data? You’re trying to make point based on statistics that aren’t available, to my knowledge.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Your knowledge is limited. And, for that matter, what you DO know isn’t quite relevant.

      You claim that the number of mods indicates a level of popularity in using them, but for that to be true, you’d have to know how many people ARE using them. At the very least, you’d need sales numbers for the game to make an educated guess; that there are no such numbers- the point I was making, but which you seemed completely unaware of- means your claim is JUST as unsubstantiated.

    • Luke Skywalker

      where’s your proof man? there’s lots of mods available @SuppliedRelic:disqus ‘s claim is easy to check. He state that the number of mods available on Xbox shows that people are supporting the game and platform, he showed links to the number of mods available too.

      and if you check the downloads and views you can see some getting over 64000 and being downloaded more than 7000 times in less than 1 day (released today nov.13, 2016). some getting over 34000 and 36000 and downloaded 2500 times in 1 day (released nov. 12, 2016).

      I think you’re the one here with limited knowledge and no relevancy in anything. you don’t need to have sales numbers to make educated guesses, in this case there are others ways to such as checking how active gamers are in accessing other parts of the game.

      here I’ve show that the number of people playing the game AND using the mods does NOT support @disqus_jk72p6Teqn:disqus ‘s claim as you try to play out with your absurdity and utter lack of knowledge. I bet you tried to say something because you thought there was no way to check how active skyrim gamers are on console, didn’t you?

    • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I actually did not know there was a way to check those numbers. Thanks for backing me up here.

    • J.j. Barrington

      I’ll actually give you a point for that one. Though it’s a little bit of a half-measure, as the person I was talking to actually didn’t have any way to back up his claim. You did, though, so kudos for that.

      That said, there’s a considerable number of things left out, as it pertains to to usage of the game and its mods. For example, without sales, how can you determine the percentage of owners downloaded even the most popular of mods? 23,000 sounds like a lot, but if it’s out of a million copies, that’s just over 2%.

      Not exactly contradicting what Bilal said, is it?

      There’s also a peculiar little thing to note: why are some mods favorited more times than they’ve been downloaded? In the case of most things, wouldn’t there be more downloads than favorites?

      Oh, and while over 800k views is a lot, are they unique? Do they hint at what’s going on with the favorites: some are visiting pages for the mods multiple times, perhaps comparing them? Is there information to clear that up?

      Assume however many sales you want for the XB1. Let’s say 30 million. If the most downloaded mod you’ve shown for Skyrim is also the most downloaded mod on consoles- ANY consoles- then you’re looking at less than 10% of 1% of all gamers on Xbox. 2% of all Skyrim owners, at a million copies sold, and it could well be more copies than that. In either case, the number of people using the most popular mod- assuming that is the case- represent a tiny percent of a tiny percent of less than half of all console gamers, since the XB1 isn’t half the market.

      Bilal’s point would still stand if the game had sold ten million copies, based on the numbers you two have provided. So thanks, but you’ve made the case against yourselves.

    • Luke Skywalker

      FYI, the mods I’ve shown are nowhere close to the most downloaded mods. page views are not one to one. I mention page views to make the point that people are active in checking out the mods, that console gamers are active. highest views 7.8M with highest download numbers I’ve seen so far is over 487051 and counting.

      if it’s out of 1 million copies, then that’s almost at 50%
      and if it’s out of 3 million, then that’s over 16.2%
      assuming 30 million xbox sold then that’s 1.6%
      those are all great engagement numbers in just 18 days.
      so let me correct you: it’s definitely not a tiny percent of a tiny percent in which case both you and Bilal’s arguments are quite invalid.

      please point me to the part where I made a case against myself or is it that you’re grossly overestimating yourself here?

    • Cabal

      Don’t bother; JJ’s gonna JJ, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

      Wouldn’t expect anything less from someone who keeps company with shitposters like Xrat and chums.

    • J.j. Barrington

      “those are all great engagement numbers in just 18 days.”

      And then you remember sales for pretty much every game ever are front-loaded, so the game isn’t likely to do more, meaning the pool of people likely to download this mod(and it’s just patches? lol, seriously?) isn’t likely to get much larger.

      “it’s definitely not a tiny percent of a tiny percent”

      It’s definitely not a large percent. And most certainly not enough to say any significant number of console gamers are into mods.

    • Luke Skywalker

      “And then you remember sales for pretty much every game ever are front-loaded, so the game isn’t likely to do more, meaning the pool of people likely to download this mod(and it’s just patches? lol, seriously?) isn’t likely to get much larger.”

    • J.j. Barrington

      You’re doing really poorly at this. This is about Bilal’s comment after all, right? And what was that comment again?

      “Console players dont play games for modders.. so thats a non issue.”

      In order for EITHER of you to prove this to be true, you’d need to show a significant amount of people- relative to how many console gamers are out there, obviously- are using these mods.

      You’ve failed to do so.

      ” you were proven wrong on all accounts. ”

      Hard to prove me wrong without all the numbers to back that up. Since we don’t have numbers on how many copies Skyrim sold, we threw a number out there and supposed. Ditto with the number of XB1s in the wild. Actual numbers for both these things is vital when we’re talking “proof.”

      But let’s look at the latest bit of “proof” you’ve provided. You say nearly 3,000 more downloads, right? Well, since it released, 21 whole days have gone by. That 487000 averages out to 23,190 downloads a day. If that 3000 is for half a day, then 6000 is for a whole day, almost a quarter of the daily average.

      Does that sound like growing to you? Being a quarter of the daily average?

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      just because mods are available doesn’t mean its the showpiece and selling point of console! do you see people crying for mods on a large majority of console games..!? You’ve taken a game thats quite synonymous with mods on PC and decided to act like thats the gold standard on every game available on console! so NO my statement still rings true! we deal with majorities in the democratic real world not the SMALL MINUTE minorities.

    • Luke Skywalker

      for the few games that have mod support on consoles they have shown that console gamers are very engaging with millions of downloads, views and favorites. as time goes on more games will get mod support.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      you’re still not understanding my point… i understand yours but you’re not understanding mines so i cba to ‘argue’ with you on the issue.. have a good day…. as a parting message.. you MUST be new to console gaming or a PC gamer! loool

    • Luke Skywalker

      interesting parting message, but fyi it applies, I’ve probably been gaming on consoles long before you even know what gaming was.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      woohooooooo.. good for you you’re older than 24 years old! lets celebrate that you’re old!! woohooo… now what the HELLLL has that actually got to do with the discussion…? loool ¬__¬ foool

    • Luke Skywalker

      ad hominem attacks, really?
      what does it have to do with the discussion? you stated that I must be new to console gaming which I then corrected you. so clearly you made that “fool” statement while looking in the mirror, didn’t you?

  • Hvd

    i always liked xbox over sony.its the type of games for me i dont like jrpgs they are all the same dont like indies that the ps4 wants so much on their console and i dont like the exclusives of sony.

    the array of games is what sold me on xbox even more.i have a ps,xbox,ps2,xbox 360 and a ps3 and for some reason i couldnt bring my self to buy a ps4 and im glad i didnt.
    with all the lies and no games this gen ill never buy a sony product again.

    • Agent_Blade

      Array of games? Just what array of games could you possibly even say what Well-known and well-established exclusives really hold Xbox together besides Halo, Forza, and Gears?Other then that I actually feel the same way you do but vice versa.

      Xbox One has been incredibly disappointing this gen for many reasons and it just shows not just by sales but what consumers want. Sure Xbox has got good features and it has its upsides but compared to the 360 the One could have been much better.

    • Hvd

      hav fun waiting for your delayed games on thedelay station…lmao still ZERO AAA exclusives this holiday and until march some time…lmao

      the ps4 has had zero AAA exclusives since uncharted 4…lmao.

      so come again…lol

    • kevin

      Really the first two months of 2017 Sony has gravity rush 2, persona 5, horizon zero dawn, nioh and quite a few others so no not till march oh and theres still the last guardian in dec which is triple aaa. It’s cute you x1 fan boys got like three exclusives this holiday season and want to brag but were dead quiet from January to September when you had one whole underwhelming exclusive in quantum break. Reality shows that Sony demolished Microsoft in exclusive output for the year which is what matters not a measly three months where x1 had 1 amazing,1 mediocre and 1 underwhelming exclusive in fh 3,recore and gears 4.

    • Hvd

      there has been ZERO AAA exclusives since uncharted 4 and there will be ZERO AAA exclusives until march of next year….lmao

    • kevin

      I’m sorry but last guardian is still coming and Sony still released more triple aaa exclusives than Microsoft this year so your point is what lol

    • Hvd

      the last guardian is a 10yr ps3 delayed game and it not a AAA more like a AA title….lmao.what else as far as AAA exclusive titles are coming out this year???….ZERO.

      you have nad a AAA exclusive since uncharted 4….lmao

      wait another year for your AAA exclusives…lol

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      dont even bother trying to explain to this idiot… he just deserves abuse.. its the only way to deal with an asshat like him lool

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      he finalllyyy admits itttttt!!!!!!! the sad little man admits it!!! looool.

      all JRPGs are the same.. but seems to love all the same FPS’ and same racers!! theres a reason i call you pathetic lool…

      and no games ahahha.. in a year where Xbox have released NOTHING between January and April then drop ‘Quantum Break’…. which was mixed reviews AT BEST! then NOTHINGGGGGG until September! loooool and you’re talking about Playstaiton has no games!! you better shut up and keep it moving!

      Array of games on a Forza,Halo,Gears centric console… loooooool you’re seriously pathetic i dont know how you;re not banned yet.

    • Hvd

      enjoy waiting for your delayed games on the delay station. are you going to play that ps3 game that was delayed for 10 years the last guardian?gt sport another ps3 looking game games for psvr and the ps4 pro failed at launch and has no games just patches….lmao

      forza,halo,gears,recore all exclusives that have come out to play this holiday what has come out for the ps4 uncharted 4?….lmao.
      sony is a joke of a company its getting its as* handed to it by xbox in the usa and when the nintendo switch launches in japan it will get its as* handed to it there as well…lol

      ps sony has done nothing but remasters of old games and has the same games uncharted,god of war,kill zone,the last of us remaster of the remaster of the remaster…lol

    • Agent_Blade

      Wow all your credibility went to zero. And you suck at trolling. Good luck with your Gears 4, next in the recycle bin is another Halo then another Forza. But hey I tell ya what. It may be awhile for some of those games on ps4 to come out but I’ll have more exclusives (and more variety) then you will ever have this gen.

    • Hvd

      sonys and cernty’s credibility went out the windo a longtime ago.fake hdr for ps4 8.4 tflop with xbox one s dominating npd they are sayd 47m ps4 sold when at e3 is was 43 then,then 45m

      i cant trust anything sony says or does.

      their credibilityi s over.

    • Agent_Blade

      Nothing but remasters? That proves that you know nothing of Sony’s exclusive lineup.

  • TomDobo

    Im glad Xbox One is improving in terms of its appeal but PS4 will lead and win the console war. Both systems are really great and if you asked me to pick a side i couldnt. The PS4 Pro has just released and you should see Sony pretty much dominated until Scorpio launches and the Microsoft will have a few months of fame.

    • Justin Holland

      Correction Sony will win this round the console war never ends just keeps going has since the 80s I don’t see it stopping anytime soon

  • Mr Xrat

    PS3 had games though.

    • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Xbox One has a lot of those non-exclusive games from PS3, because Microsoft is actually competent enough to support backwards compatibility properly.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      what sense does that even make..? The Xbox One game is great becasue it can play old gen games…? what you’ve said makes you sound like Don Mattrix when he got asked about those who cant enjoy next gen games and he suggested they can keep playing xbox 360 loool

    • SuppliedRelic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Lots of people like to be able to play games from the last generation without having to own an older console in order to do that. You can do this on Xbox One with any supported game in physical or digital format.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      backwards compatibility is a proven ‘nice addition’ but is proven to depreciate as a console cycle goes on… so no BC is not a selling point once a games console cycle has moved far enough in.

    • Mr Xrat

      Are you seriously trying to call years-old last-gen multiplats Xbone exclusives?

      Proper backwards compatibility is the Wii U, not one-fifths of the 360’s library, most of which run worse.

      Try again.

  • Reclaimer13

    I bought an xbox one day one and returned it a week later and picked up a ps4, and I had no regrets because the xbox one at launch was a terrible system. Decided to up an xbox one s this year and to me it’s the best console on the market right now, it’s not even close. I’m not knocking the ps4 because I think it’s a great system but I rarely use it anymore since buying the S.

    • LifeOnMars

      perhaps you should have waited a few weeks and purchased the most powerful console on earth.

    • lovethetech

      it is coming next year, r u buying it? It is called Scorpio!

    • LifeOnMars

      By next year do you mean 12-14 months.
      If it’s less than £349 not built like a 1970’s VCR, relible with plenty of games and as powerful as promised with no sign of PS5 then maybe.

    • lovethetech

      Basically u r saying, even when the Xbox is the most powerful console, u will wait for PS. It means u care for a Logo not for the power of console. Sorry for a gamer.

    • LifeOnMars

      This is what is happening now, The PS4 Pro is the worlds most powerful console yet Xboners are prepared to wait for the Scorpio.

    • Reclaimer13

      You mean the one that doesn’t have a 4k bluray player and doesn’t do backward compatibility, mods or ea access? I think the xbox one s is the best console on the market for things that matter to me more than pixels. Besides if I was interested in the “most powerful console on earth” I would have waited for the Scorpio.

    • J.j. Barrington

      So a handful of 4K movies and a handful of BC games matters more to you than better looking games?

    • Reclaimer13

      If “better looking games” is your main concern why not wait for Scorpio? I mean you’ll get the best looking games on any console, plus a 4k bluray player, plus backward compatibility, ea access, early access games preview, better mod support, a better online service and get to play with what many people consider to be the best controller on the market. Scorpio seems like it’ll be offering the best of everything. I’m happy with my xbox one s and standard ps4 right now, and I’ll be picking up the switch in a few months.

  • quantum

    Interesting article with some valid points. I just can’t see MS closing the gap the same way that Sony did with the PS3. It has too much ground to make up, but I wish them luck and hope they prove me wrong.

    • Luke Skywalker

      if they keep pushing out the better system i’m sure they will. however, one thing is that the x360 and ps3 generation lasted way too long, if that generation had changed in 2010 or 2011 xbox would’ve won that generation hands down.
      in today’s half-generation I don’t think we can look at it the same way as in who wins the gen.

    • quantum

      I think after the way things happened this gen, MS are going to make sure they have the most powerful console next time. It will be interesting to see the way this pans out.

  • Marty8370

    What nonsense, PS3 is sucessful, unlike Xbox one. They nothing alike.

  • LordCancer Kain

    not even close, its an xbox 360 with fewer games. its more like a dreamcast with lesser caliber of games. its almost a gamecube except kind of wiiish.

  • Bilal Prince-Ali

    no… looool… just no…. you have SOO many oversights in this article and too many assumptions lool

  • kevin

    Oh gamingbolt I wish you could follow suit and turn your sites image around from being known has click bait trash. I have both systems and no way imo and meta critics does x1 exclusives output trump sonys. Let’s see from January when the year started to Sept you had one whole whopping exclusive to choose from on x1 in quantum break which underwhelmed and sold poorly whereas on ps4 you had gravity rush, street fighter 5,mlb the show, ratchet and clank,goty frontrunner uc 4,kof 14,Odin sphere leif,nms with awesome downloadable games like shadow of the beast,firewatch,witness,salt and sanctuary etc. Now I know since sept there’s been fh 3 which was awesome,recore which was mediocre to borderline bad and gears 4 which once again underwhelmed people in a established franchise. Dead rising 4 is still coming but that’s a timed exclusive while Sony has last guardian. So when you look at the output and metascores how could you say x1 trumps Sony in exclusive output please gamingbolt better yet the author of this article please reply to me and let me see you try to explain that ridiculous comment please do me that favor

    • zybch

      So being a timed exclusive matters when its on xbox but when sony has one its still a sony only title?
      BTW, how the Last Guardian playing? Coz you know, it was supposed to have been released by now, along with FF-XV, Zero Dawn, Persona, Tacoma and GT Sport.

  • J.j. Barrington

    Yeah…. no. But not surprised to see this come from Pramath’s hands.

  • angh

    No, thats not true. Ps3 sold more up to date than x360, had more and more diverse titles, and it’ exclusives were only playable on one system. While xbox one sold half the ps4 numbers, ofer less and less diverse games, and you dont need it to play it’s exclusives as average pc will do.

    • Cabal

      “the Xbox One will almost certainly never manage to pull ahead of the PS4, like the PS3 did with Xbox 360”

      You can read, right?

    • angh

      I can read, and what’s more, I can understand what’s written.
      And nothing written in this article gives any reason to call “Xbox One is the PS3 of this generation”. I simply highlighted main differences, and there is many more, with almost no similarities.
      Fact the author see those differences and still comes up with such thesis is simply weird.

    • Cabal

      “And nothing written in this article gives any reason to call “Xbox One is the PS3 of this generation”
      In your opinion maybe; more people will probably agree with the author considering both products had awful launches, high pricing and awkward architecture..

    • angh

      Looking at the comments section I’d say more people do not agree with this article.

    • Cabal

      There’s 4 people on here ffs, aside from me and you, and their agenda is pretty much chiselled in stone.

  • Mr Xrat

    You implied that being able to play a handful of last gen’s leftovers somehow validates the Xbone’s pathetic existence. It’s no surprise you’re unable to keep track of your decrepit attempts at arguments considering you’re an MLP fan. It’s so bad you’ve lost track of the console gens you’re trying to make an argument from – you are aware the PS3’s BC was for PS2 and PS1 games, and they removed PS2 to cut the price. Very successfully, too. The 360’s attempt at BC were even more haphazard before they dropped it entirely. And right now, original Xbox games are not playable on Xbone.

    If you had a point, it left the building a long time ago.

  • Mr Xrat

    Hahahahaha, brony can’t handle the banter.

    Gives you a convenient out when you’ve realised you’ve backed yourself into a corner because you can’t keep track of your own damage control. 😉

  • J.j. Barrington

    But you weren’t an obvious troll when you said MS is doing BC “properly?” Trying too hard, man.

    There’s nothing “proper” about extremely selective BC you have to download YEARS after the console’s original release. 3000 games on the 360, and the XB1 doesn’t even play 300 of them; in what world is that “proper” backwards compatibility?

    • Luke Skywalker

      why are you throwing numbers out there man? as far as I know and is easily checked there are less than 2000 games released for the 360, so where do you get this 3000 number from?
      also you already know that Microsoft can’t just release xbox 360 games on the xbox one console through BC without the developers and publishers approval so why are you acting as if you don’t know this?
      as time goes on there are more and more games available through the feature.

    • J.j. Barrington

      They may not be reliable for current sales, but VGChartz shows 3671 games for the 360. http://www. vgchartz. com/platforms/

      “why are you acting as if you don’t know this?”

      I DO know this. The point is that the very fact that Microsoft has to do that prevents it from being “proper” BC, like your new best bud says. “Proper” BC is popping in a previous-gen game and having it work. In that respect, it’s something Xbox has never had, as even the 360 ran emulation software for OGXbox games, rather than the hardware-based BC that had been the case for every other console before then(and certain PS3s and all Wiis after).

      Yes, it’s BC, and yes, it’s a great feature. But it’s not “proper.”

      “as time goes on there are more and more games available through the feature.”

      Until, like last gen, they stop adding games.

    • Luke Skywalker

      VGchartz?? come one man.

      well when you can convert a game that was made for an entirely different platform I think you’re smart enough to know that there are some hurdles you have to go through, eg: licensing.

      and “certain ps3s”? you mean the ones that had the WHOLE ps2 inside the console? that not backwards compatibility fam, it was literally 2 consoles in one casing.

      anyway man, peace out. I definitely see who are.

    • J.j. Barrington

      “you mean the ones that had the WHOLE ps2 inside the console?”

      Not the whole, but the relevant hardware. That’s literally what actual BC is. It has been so for every console until the 360, and now the Xbox One… but the emulation solution is now billed as proper?


  • Cabal

    So many tears over an opinion piece.
    You’d have thought Pramath had murdered these kids’ parents in their sleep and wore the skin like a fleshy suit, with the way they’re raging.


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