Titanfall 2: Players On The Same Network Cannot Play Consistently For Longer Time

An annoying glitch that Respawn need to look into soon.

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Titanfall 2 turned out to be, against all odds, a great game. And while it’s great more for the incredible campaign than for the multiplayer, the fact remains that the multiplayer will continue to be the pull for a lot of players over the long run, and will be the reason that players keep returning to the game.

Which is why any bug or glitch in the multiplayer mode can be so annoying. Such as this one, which is probably not something a lot of people will run into, but still bound to be supremely annoying for those that do- essentially, people playing on the same network (such as roommates, friends, or family) cannot seem to stay connected to each other in game for more than 2-4 matches.

Thus far, there has been no acknowledgement of the issue from Respawn, even though there seem to be complaints across Reddit and the official Titanfall forums. But it’s still an issue that’s bound to put a wrench in quite a few people’s multiplayer plans. Hopefully it gets addressed soon.

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  • d0x360

    Thats not exactly true…

    I had some people over this weekend and there were 6 people playing Titanfall on Xbox one (separate chic’s obviously) all connected wirelessly and then another 3 people playing on pc connected via wire.

    They were playing on xbox live and origin and played probably 2 hours with no issues.

    There is an issue if you play on the same network that hadn’t existed in any other game I’ve ever done this for but once I used subnets it became a non issue of course asking someone without networking….real networking experience to subnet their network properly isn’t going to happen nor should it have to just to play a game on 1 connection.

    Hopefully respawn fixes it quickly and I’m sure they will since it didn’t happen with TF1.

    What they need to do first is change the server update rate to 60hz. Right now the player sends data to the server at 60hz or a packet for every frame but the server only senfs update data at 20 or 30 Hz which makes lag that has no reason to exist.

    Fixing that is just changing a single value in a config file on the server so get on it respawn.

    Also if you play the game have your ping is above 80 you are ruining the game for everyone else even though it’s a dedicated server. So call your ISP and complain that your latency is too high and maybe they can shave some time off by checking your line for noise or a piece of equipment between you and them.

    Dont tell them its your ping though they will laugh. Instead tell them its your download speed and you also lose connection randomly every couple days.


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