TitanFall Digital Strategy Still Being Discussed, to “Evolve Over Time”

Expect changes based on player feedback.

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We already know that Respawn Entertainment’s TitanFall will be the focus of EA’s fourth quarter fiscal, and that DLC will be expected for the game by the time FY 2015 rolls around. However, as EA CEO Andrew Wilson mentioned during the same Q3 financial call, the company’s DLC plans for the game will evolve depending on the player base.

“We’re planning extra content already for the product, but in the nature of the live service, I think that, that will evolve over time as we see how the player base evolves through the year.”

COO Peter Moore said that as of now, DLC plans for TitanFall are yet to be discussed in full by EA. “We haven’t talked at detail about our Titanfall digital strategy but you’re very familiar already, obviously, with Battlefield 4 Premium. We expect that to be incredibly strong for us as is Battlefield 4 typically as a catalogue title itself. Once we announce Titanfall [digital plans], obviously, you’ll have a better understanding what our digital strategy is.”

TitanFall releases for Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360 on March 11th in North America and March 14th in UK.

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  • toddraynerart

    Bring it to PS4, that should be your strategy. Plain and simple. PS4 already leads the way in sales. JS. This game looks sick, and it’s one of only a couple games that would make go buy a X-bone. But there’s just not enough yet for me to jump to the weaker side.

    • blessedswine

      its not Xbone exclusive get it for either pc or 360 then, and 6v6 with upto 12 titans controlled by ai doesnt sound like a game that interest me seems to me that its a 6v6 game with bots when one isnt controlling thier titan.

    • toddraynerart

      Sounds good but, I’m not a PC gamer and I’m not fond of the 360 either. The 360 controller IMO is the best there is but not a huge fan of the system and it’s problems. Here’s to hoping it’ll come to PS4

    • blessedswine

      it will never come to the ps4 as MS paid EA for full exclusivity on its systems. EA has said as much ill try to find the link to the article where EA says this.


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